Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by Victoria Melchor.



I wish I could explain to you with words just how glamorous it is to be in the moment.

I wish I could explain to you just how fabulous it is to be in the present moment.

You see, the problem is that by the time you finish reading this sentence you may have realized that you were not in the present moment. 

You may just realize that the words “fabulous” and “glamorous” fall short of describing that which cannot be explained.

What is it like to be in the present moment?

What I can explain to you is that being in the present moment is like drinking cold iced tea and noticing the sensation of it flowing through your mouth, eliciting in your tongue a sensation of crispness and satisfaction.  The sensation will linger in your mouth for a minute or two, but if you want to experience these sensations again, you must eventually drink more iced tea.

Being in the present moment is like forgetting about the meaning of my words and focusing on the echo the words leave behind in your mind.

It is like waking up to the realization that this is it, right now.  Not a paragraph ago or two words ahead—but now.

When it all comes down to it, the most important thing to keep in mind is that in the present moment you will find infinite possibility, whereas your ego and the story you tell yourself about yourself may only find obstacles. This is why “being in the moment” is one of the main ingredients to manifesting your desires with the Law of Attraction.

When we are caught up in our own dramas, eventually we forget that happiness is at the grasp of our fingertips—if only we would choose to reach for it.  

I did everything I could to be in the moment: I tried to meditate, I did yoga shoulder-stands, I touched my right index finger to my nose and flapped my left arm… And so I became angry at the moment for not standing still, manifesting miracles, or for distracting me with shiny objects—you see, I happen to be easily distracted.

The quote that changed my concept of the present moment:

This made me wonder: what is the secret to being in the moment, in the face of everything that I have tried to do that did not work?  The answer came in a most unconventional way, but it has forever changed my relationship to the present moment and the way I look at it.

A couple of months ago, I came face to face with my destiny on my way up to the conference center on the 10th floor of a local hotel building.

I was greeted on the elevator by a quote:  “The place you are in needs you now”.

Why didn’t I think of this before? Rather than thinking that I need to be in the moment, how about having a better relationship with the present moment based on the mutual bond that we share—we need each other.  

This quote has taught me that being in the moment is more than the hype surrounding the Law of Attraction or something I am told is good for me to do.

Being in the moment is about showing up to life + bringing passion to everything I do because there is no moment other than the present.


So why not embrace what is?

The place you are in needs you now.

So, what if instead of you being told that being in the moment is a good idea, you were told to improve your relationship with the place you are in? Want to give it a shot? 

Here are 5 questions to help you re-ignite your bond and relationship to the present moment:

Ask yourself:

1. What would your life look like if you made peace with the present moment?

2. How many possibilities await you in the moment?

3. How much love, passion, happiness and peace has the moment been waiting to give you?

4. What has the moment been doing to get your attention in hopes of improving your mutual relationship?

5. Do you understand now why the place you are in needs you now?

The moment needs you NOW, not two questions ago or two words into the future.

And now I want to ask you one last question: what will you do from now on to improve your relationship with the present moment?


vicpicVictoria is a Life Coach and NLP practitioner dedicated to coaching men and women on making the most out of their dreams and lives through self-love and personal development tools. 

Her vision for life is one of love and peace, and it begins with being her best self at all times and teaching and empowering others to be the same.  She loves cuddling with her two dogs.

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How To Give Birth To Your Deepest Self

by Jen on April 21, 2014

Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by Dyan Whyte.


The Soul is a star,

bright and shining in both moon and sun light.

Traversing the planes of the Universe

on an adventure of being,

Dancing in sweet delight,

at each experience it calls to itself

Savouring the taste 
of all it has seen.


Can you truly believe that your sweet soul is on an adventure? An adventure greater than any adventure of a lifetime but instead one of its very existence?

To birth your deepest self is a sacred adventure of the soul, an unfoldment both upwards and outwards where you bring your highest self into being by drawing on the sea of love within your heart.

It begins with a whisper; quietly your soul begins to woo you with a heart’s desire. “I have an idea,” it says, “Let’s create. Let’s create something real, beautiful and true. Let’s sing our song with the other songs across worlds so that we too can shine like a pulsing strand in the web of All That Is.”

How could you resist its charm? The longing it evokes in you to know it, to see it more clearly, to experience its dreams as bliss in every waking moment.

And so, perhaps a little wobbly at first, you say, “Yes . . . yes, yes. Yes.”

Now the adventure begins.

When we say yes to our souls, to birthing our truest selves into being with its desires and light, we sometimes expect a path of straightforward experiences. We think we’ll do this and get that . . . whilst the soul yawns graciously at our foibles and invites us to an experience filled with colourful threads that weave together a tapestry that we could not have expected.

Your soul doesn’t categorize your experiences as good or bad, even if you feel as if you’re in the midst of struggle and on the steepest learning curve ever. It cares for the adventure, the learning, and growth and ultimately the aliveness it will bring.

Birthing your deepest self and your heart’s true desires is an invitation to expand, to become drunk and full on love, to release, shed skins, slither out of shackles that no longer serve your highest purpose or good.

We can learn effortlessly by opening our hearts and accepting love and healing as instantly available to us or we can push through, traverse steep learning curves and triumph to overcome obstacles.

All growth is equal because the end result is the same – actualization, the manifestation of your light and joy. Whichever way you choose to do so is perfect for you in that given moment. You are always free to choose and choose again.

So how do you birth this cosmic star that is your true self? How do you bring its dreams to life?

1. Initiate An Intimate Invitation

Ask your soul, “Who are you? What do you desire?” And then listen; write it down, feel its lyric flowing through your veins, name its essence and call it to the heavens as yours.

2. Trust Your Soul’s Truth

Your soul does not live outside of your body. It is intricately woven into every cell of your being so seamlessly, so masterfully that you might have missed its quiet presence before.

In your soul you will discover a being that brings you such delight, such pleasure and joy that you will never forget its presence again. It may speak quietly at first but trust that no one in existence knows you better or knows what will bring you the greatest joy.

3. Be Open To Divine Answers and Possibilities

Sometimes prayers are answered in ways that seem completely unrelated to your desire. One day you may feel guided to read a certain book, to have Froyo when you should probably be working or simply do nothing.

Your soul has its own wisdom, its own plan and ultimately it is after the nectar of joy. It wants to light you up, so playfully follow its lead and be open to the new discoveries it wants to bring you.

4. Flow And Be Fluid

Imagine that you are like a gentle river, flowing yourself to a beautiful sea. Let the twists and turns guide you, let its rocks bring you strength and its freshness awaken you.

There is no need to force or push – simply let go and be. Flow around perceived obstacles, be fluid and allow for unexpected gifts and the occasional rush of a rapid or two! Fluidity and effortlessness are hallmarks of the soul, it never tries to ‘be’, it flows with what ‘is’, including its own nature.

Honour the sanctity of birthing your Self, the process of creating your dreams and becoming more true. You are always supported in the benevolent arms of the Universe that is made one spark brighter by the truth that is you.


Dyan Whyte is a gifted Spiritual Medium & Intuitive, Crystal Healer and Priestess Of The Sea. Her path as a healer and teacher unfolded when she became an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, under Doreen Virtue.

Today, she guides heart-centered light bringers on their sacred soul journeys of self-discovery and realizing their highest dreams with love and truth.

To discover more about Dyan’s work and delve deeper into your soul’s unique DreamPrint, visit her at www.MermaidMoonHealingArts.com.

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