Finding Peace with a Peace Oil Blend – and a Giveaway!

November 23, 2016

There are days I feel like I can’t breathe. When it feel like there’s just too much to do, especially if I’m flaring and life if overwhelming. I feel like I’m failing, and add in […]ambien online pharmacy valium online no prescription buy adipex no prescription tramadol online without prescription ultram online pharmacy

Mystical Mojo Box: Kitchen Witchery

Wild Joy
November 15, 2016

If you follow our blog or social media, you know we’re big fans of the Mystical Mojo Box subscription boxes. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a permier monthly subscription box intuitively designed […]

7 Herbal Bath Tea Recipes to Sooth and Rejuvinate!

Wild Radiance
November 5, 2016

Whether you’re looking to give yourself some self-love, need an anxiety relief, or want to give your skin some TLC, there’s an herbal bath tea for you! Water isn’t just for physically cleaning our bodies. It […]

Elderberry + Echinacea Cold and Flu Syrup

Wild Radiance
October 20, 2016

Cold season is upon us, and as Wild Sisters all over the world are chasing their dreams, many are also trying to avoid getting sick. No one likes to be sick, but catching the flu […]

Herbal Courses from beginner to advanced

All About Self-Love

25 Summer Self-Love Ideas

June 9, 2016
  Summer is right around the corner and with the change in weather comes new and different ways to show yourself some much deserved self-love. Take some time over the next few weeks and do [...]

Chakra Basics – With Free Chakra Printables!

April 29, 2016
  The Self-Love Challenge is currently underway in the Wild Sisterhood and one thing we’ve talked a bit about lately is the chakra system and how it relates to our physical, spiritual, and emotional well [...]

It’s a 10-Day Self-Love Challenge!

April 13, 2016
Are you ready to learn to start loving yourself? Self-love is something many women struggle with. It’s okay, love! It’s a downside to the 21st century, consumerism, the media, and a myriad of other things. [...]
Devotion to Self

All I want for you is happiness.

November 13, 2014
All I want for you is happiness. No matter what’s happened in the past. No matter what was said or done. No matter what happens next. My hope for you is that you’re happy. Not [...]
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