Praise For Wild Sister

Wow. What an absolutely, amazingly, mind-blowingly awesome response the first issue of Wild Sister Magazine has received!

I am so blissfully happy to know that so many women are being inspired and empowered by the first issue. All I have ever wanted to do is use art and writing to help women see their own beauty and take hold of their power, and I am so grateful to be able to do this through Wild Sister Magazine.

As a special first release, Issue #01 of Wild Sister Magazine is $2.00, and the subsequent issues will be $5.00 each. This price will allow me to dedicate all my time to making Wild Sister an amazing, inspiring and empowering sisterhood, whilst still remaining affordable and accessible for everyone.

By buying Wild Sister Magazine, you are supporting an entire community of women writers and artists who are dedicating their lives to changing the world, so thank you, thank you, thank you. You are making this world a better place.

Here’s what people are saying about the very first issue:

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@bellarennie: Loving the first issue of @wildsistermag …well done @smiling_heart …it was worth the wait!!! Congratulations!

@TheGreatAskini: Reading the inaugural issue of @wildsistermag. Needed all of this today. Every word.

@onevoiceis: There’s something Yummy, beautiful, inspiring, makes me want to sing, dance and cry at the same time ON ITS WAY!@wildsistermag check it out!

@NoelleBobo: @wildsistermag I’m hooked! What an amazing first issue so full of truth and inspiration. Love love love it!!!

@kindovermatter: @stephmoeser @wildsistermag Thank you! <3 It sizzles! So honored to be part of such amazingness! Jen totally rocked it! #understatement

@KandiceNaTe: @wildsistermag is rocking my life. need to drink some tea while I read.

@Tangelfrost: Let’s hear the roar, my dear fellow Wild Ones!! Atlast, its out: “Wild Sister Magazine” via @wildsistermag

@boopboopbdoop: Y’all. Whoa. @wildsistermag has an “Ask @katecourageous” column. I don’t think I’m ready for that jelly. #tooawesome

@jenfromal: Check out @wildsistermag for incredibly uplifting & inspiring articles written by awesome chicks (I’m one of them). First issue out TODAY!

@loveinfinitetsy: Also, check out the amazing @WildSisterMag! Just $2, but worth so much more!

@traceyselingo: @wildsistermag sooooo excited to get cozy with my new mag! looks all sorts of awesome.

@CelinaWyss: So much goodness in the first @wildsistermag issue!

@alayamorning: Just discovered the first issue of @wildsistermag. Delicious!

@thewhlehrtdlife: Loving the inaugural issue of #WildSister mag…so many inspirational women! I need *days* to savor each and every article! @wildsistermag

@ChoosingBeauty: just ordered the first issue of @wildsistermag and it’s loaded up with amazingness!

@reneeyemma: just ordered the first issue of @wildsistermag and I can’t wait to read all the amazingness! oh boy! oh boy! SO giddy!

@reneeyemma: “dare to be wild. dare to be bold. dare to be brilliant. dare to be you.” only on page 2 and i’m LOVIN’ it! wooohoo @wildsistermag 🙂

@bitofsilliness: so in love with the first issue of Wild Sister magazine! thank you, thank you, thank you @wildsistermag for inspiring love and confidence <3

@themodelife: Get your copy of @wildsistermag now! So wonderfully inspiring and full of original thinking! @modelife loves it!

@ddeennaaa: “Start embracing the life that is calling you and use your life to serve the world.” -Oprah Winfrey via @wildsistermag, my new favorite mag!

@hannahkatyb: I gave up beauty magazines for a year, not mags that remind me of my inner beauty. Treating myself to the @wildsistermag tonight.

@Yesthatgirl: @hannahkatyb @wildsistermag so excited to have found the mag!!!

@hannahkatyb: @Yesthatgirl @wildsistermag isn’t it wonderful?? Sucked in.

@lissybug: So excited about the first issue of @wildsistermag Ready for kid to go to bed so I can grab a cup of tea and read!

@tenaciousleigh: i made it to pg 6 of @wildsistermag then was LIT UP! Like, omg have to create and write RIGHT NOW. mag avail here:

@RunninMandy: Reading the first edition of @wildsistermag These women are amazing. Cheers!!!

@liz4dmb41: @wildsistermag i just ordered the 1st issue and its beautiful! so excited to see my inspirations @loveinfinitetsy and @beingtricia in it!

@juliedaley: check out the first issue of @wildsistermag – just the kind of delight to inspire this wildly creative woman.

@natashadoodle: @wildsistermag is SO fabulous YOU will instantly fall in love!! Check it out now!!!

@Laris42: Sitting here enjoying my quiet house, drinking coffee and reading my first issue of @wildsistermag What an awesome way to begin my morning!

@prime_sarmiento: just bought my copy of @wildsistermag. scanning the content. luv what i see. mucho better than shallow womens mags. congrats @smiling_heart

@SaraRauch: @wildsistermag Just bought my copy of Wild Sister! So excited!

@bellarennie: Have you read @wildsistermag yet? If not, you’ll be doing yourself a favour to get a copy!

@faerymoongodess: Much inspiration and beauty for only $2!… @wildsistermag is worth every penny!!! 🙂

@bloodsugarwitch: Reading 1st issue of @wildsistermag -it’s gorgeous & inspiring!(And I love how it looks on my iphone)!

@alittleluminous: @wildsistermag just bought issue # 01! How exciting.

WOW! Thank you so much, ladies!

Have you joined the wild sisterhood yet?





The second issue will be released on August 1st – I’m so excited for you to see it! If you want first notice of it’s release, you can sign up to our newsletter here.

Stay Wild

Jen Saunders
Founder & Editor

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