Feel The Fear. Take The Leap. Declare Your Greatness.


Last week on the blog, I wrote about how saying “YES!” has changed my life recently, from enrolling in B~School to stepping into my Greatness to launching the Wild Sisterhood Payment Plan.

I received so many emails, comments and messages from women who connected with my story. Thank you. So. Much. As a writer artist woman human being, knowing there are people out there who can relate to my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings means so much to me.

Whenever I create something, whether it be a blog post, a new issue of Wild Sister, a painting, or even a free inspirational print, what I most hope to achieve is a real connection with the women who receive it.

My greatest hope is to create something that resonates with you, that helps you see that you are good enough, you are loved, you are not alone, and you have a right to be here.

I want that for you because I know how much that knowledge and validation can change a life – just as it changed mine.

When I receive messages of love and praise in return, you are helping me see that I am good enough, I am loved, I am not alone, and I have a right to be here, too. You see, it’s all one big circle of reciprication of love, truth and beauty. It’s pure magic.

As I prepare to take another leap forward as I put together the new issue of Wild Sister Magazine {out September 1st!}, one of my fears is that I’ll give in to fear, fall backwards and revert back to the old Jen who used to let herself be ruled by fear.

So basically…

I’m afraid of the fear itself.

It’s as though, with every huge leap forward I make, I pause and look back at my ego – my inner critic – and wait for it to say something. I watch for it’s reaction to my daily transformations.

But nothing happens.

It doesn’t say anything.

Instead, it just sits there, staring at me with wide eyes, speechless, in shock as it watches me achieve everything it used to hold me back from.

So, I just smile, shrug my shoulders and take another leap forward.

Every leap gets bigger and bigger, and my confidence grows with every landing.

The further I go, the smaller the ego becomes. Even if the ego did awake from its stupefied shock, I’m not sure I would hear it’s cries anymore.

Even if I did, I’ve come too far now.

And I’m having too much fun to go back.

Love wins now.

As I take these leaps and reach new heights of abundance, empowerment and independence, I can hardly keep up with my own transformation.

My heart has cracked open.

I’m watching myself in awe as I swiftly evolve into who I’m destined to be. I see the synchronicities of the Universe and I hear you, wild sisters, cheering me on.

I’m feeling the shifts, creating space and working miracles.

The last layers of my past are falling away as my wings open wide.

As I cross the bridge between who I was and who I’m becoming, I can feel myself being pulled forward and hear whispers of “Just a little further. Keep going. You’re almost there.”

I just need to keep saying “YES!”

The next issue of Wild Sister Magazine is requiring me to say “YES!” in a big way. I’m saying “YES!” to putting together our most powerful and most important issue yet.

Our writing team and I are saying “YES!” to taking our Wild Sister movement to a new level of empowerment and inspiration.

Our September issue is a collaboration between Wild Sister and one of our amazing writers, Cinda Stevens Lonsway. In 2010, Cinda wrote a magnificently empowering article called ROAR! which was so loved by women all over the world that it went viral.

Our September issue is all about ROAR! It’s all about empowering you, wild sisters, and inviting you to share you ROAR! with the world.

We want you to take hold of your power.

We want you to declare your Greatness.

We want you to stand up and say ENOUGH to the things that are holding you back from reaching your destiny.

As I take these giant leaps forward, as I take hold of my power, I’m getting ready to step even further into my Greatness.

I’m getting ready to change the world.

I’m getting ready to ROAR!

As I was writing this, sharing my fears and my successes with you, I wondered what you have been saying “YES!” to in your life?

Whether you have been taking giant leaps or baby steps, consider this your voice that whispers, “Just a little further. Keep going. You’re almost there.”

Just a little further. Keep going. You’re almost there,


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