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“As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.”

~ Louise Hay


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in the Wild Sister newsletter that I had been saying “YES!” to the Universe, and experiencing some amazing changes and synchronicities in return.

As those who follow my old personal blog, My Smiling Heart, know, I struggled with fear, anxiety and even agoraphobia for a long time in the not too distant past, and I’m still overcoming it every day. For so long I felt stagnant, not sure what to do next, and there was a lot of fear, doubt, procrastination and overwhelm going on inside me.

But since I’ve started saying “YES!” to opportunities, “YES!” to the Universe, “YES!” to my fears, and “YES!” to myself, my entire life has transformed, and continues to quickly grow and evolve every single day, in the most surprising and wonderful ways.

How Saying “YES!” Has Changed My Life:

I’ve been saying “YES!” to what scares me the most.

It started when I said “YES!” to creating the Wild Sisterhood, to creating a sacred space for our Wild Sister readers to connect and be supported, inspired and empowered.

I was so afraid of opening the Wild Sisterhood, but I am so extremely grateful to myself for doing it, because it has blessed my life in so many ways.

Then, I said “YES!” to enrolling in Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy and Hot B-School.

I had so many doubts running through my mind when I signed up, but I knew I had the Wild Sister community behind me, I knew B-School would provide me with everything I needed to help Wild Sister grow into the inspiring, empowering and successful business that it was destined to be.

More recently, I said “YES!” to going on a weekend retreat at the beautiful Leonie Dawson’s Paradise House.

In September, myself and three other wonderful women will be staying with Leonie and her magical family, and there I’ll be learning and dreaming and brainstorming all the ways I can harness my power and use it to inspire women to love themselves, follow their bliss and change the world.

I was so terrified of the thought of going on a trip to the other side of the country alone that, at first, I said no.

I let fear win that fight for a week. But after a session of soul-searching with myself, and reading this post by Leonie that came at just the right time, I decided to jump in and say a very loud and very brave “YES!” to this amazing opportunity.

I’m so proud of myself for that.

Want to know the one line in Leonie’s post that convinced me that I needed to let go of my fear and step into my Greatness? Here it is:

“If a magical unicorn came up to you, and whispered in your ear,

“I can take you to your lands of dreams come true…”

Would you say,

“Mmmmm yeah nah probably can’t afford your ticket price sorry LOL unicorn!”

Or would you make that shit happen?”

She had me at ‘Unicorn.’

Saying “YES!” to all these amazing opportunities and ideas has completely transformed my life.

Everything has started falling into place, my confidence has soared and my whole world is getting more exciting by the day.

I know that things start falling into place and pick up speed when we’re on the right path.

This means I am once again aligned with my true self, my true purpose, my true calling.

Everything is becoming clearer, easier, brighter, and just so awesome.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve been saying “YES!” to the Universe, and the Universe is responding by saying “YES!” too.

The Universe is responding in so many beautiful ways; by providing me with the courage and focus I need to choose love over fear; providing me with a tribe of empowering, inspiring and supportive women who love me because of who I am, not despite who I am; giving me even more opportunities to say “YES!”; and by giving me such an abundance of everything I need to make my dreams come true.


Say YES,



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  1. I love it, Jen! I’m so happy to say I’m in the same position too – I have no idea HOW some things are going to happen, but I’m saying YES to them first. (and trusting everyone will work out as I go on, as it always does.)

    Thanks for inspiring – I LOVE receiving these newsletters in my inbox darling. 🙂

    Jia Ni

  2. This is awesome!! Freaky deaky too as i pulled that card from Louise’s deck this morning!! I love the part about saying YES to what scares you!! I now know WHAT TO DO!! Lol. Thanks babe xx

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