Three Ways Being Kind To Yourself Is Kind To Others

What is the ultimate kindness?

Could it be sacrificing for others? Volunteering or donating? Putting the needs of others before yourself?

After reading through our RAK issue, I noticed a pattern within the articles; being kind to yourself is the ultimate kindness. After all, how can you be truly, authentically kind to your loved ones or strangers when you withhold kindness from yourself?

Here are three ways being kind to yourself is kind to others to others:

1. The Ripple Effect.

When you are kind to yourself, when you treat yourself like the beautiful miracle that you are, it becomes your nature. Loving-kindness flows from you effortlessly and shines on to everyone around you. When you are overflowing with loving-kindness, being kind to others comes naturally and sometimes you won’t even realize that you are changing people’s lives just by sharing a smile or a kind word.

Imagine this; showing kindness to yourself brings joy to your heart, it lights you up, it makes you smile. You share that smile with the bus driver, the waitress who brings you your coffee, and your co-workers. Your smile cheers them up, and they smile too. Then they smile at the people they meet that day, and it just keeps growing, becoming a never-ending chain of smiles.

This ripple effect can happen with any random act of kindness. It can be a smile, a helping hand, an unexpected gift, kind words, even an anonymous donation. Everything you do creates a ripple effect that runs through the world, touching people you will never meet and creating changes you will never know about.

2. The Law Of Attraction.

Like attracts like. When you live from a place of authentic loving-kindness, the same comes back to you. The more love you feel, the more love you give, the more you will receive in return.

The ripple effect becomes like ocean waves lapping against the shore, flowing to you and from you in a never-ending cycle of love and kindness that washes over you and everyone you come into contact with.

3. The Permission Slip.

When your friends and family see you treating yourself and others with kindness, it gives them permission to do the same. You can lead by example, and while some may be critical of your newfound self-love and joy, others will feel so relieved to know that there is another way to live – a kinder way to live.

Random Acts Of Kindness.

Kindness is everywhere, if you just allow yourself to see it. Our RAK issue of Wild Sister Magazine, which is now only available in the Wild Sisterhood, is proof of that.

Cinda Stevens Lonsway’s contribution about the gift of listening has made me more aware of how I show up in conversations with others, and helped me be better able to hold space for others to share their truth without fear of judgement or interruption.

Lori Portka’s piece about gratitude made me want to go and hand out flowers to strangers. Or even just buy some flowers for myself as an act of self-love.

Lisa Sarick’s story opened my eyes to all the acts of kindness the Universe sends me every day, and wow! I’ve been seeing gifts from the Universe everywhere I look!

But of all the stories and wisdom, the one stand-out truth in our RAK issue is that self-love is the kindest act you can give to the world.

Have you given yourself the ultimate kindness today?

Start with a smile,










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