Letting Go: The Key to Self Love + Peace: Guest Post By Tara Bliss

The more I let go, the more loved I feel.

The more loved I am.

The more love I give away.

In a time when it’s so automatic for us to strive to gain (whether it’s success, achievements, milestones, etc), it’s easy for us to get caught up in the noise of the material world.

Often, this noise manifests as stress and fatigue in our bodies, and comparison and criticism in our minds.

Letting go is key.

After being tricked into believing that self-love is defined by how many massages I’ve had (or not had) in the last six months, and how many minutes I spend in meditation, I truly feel as though I’ve unlocked some type of elusive, yet painfully simple truth:

Self love isn’t about what you fill up your time with (no matter how nourishing), it’s about what you don’t do.

If you’re a party girl, filling up your spare time with personal training sessions and muesli and green smoothies is not – in my opinion – self love.

Full = Noise

Noise = Stress, Anxiety, Comparison, Criticism.

And those things simply can’t exist in the presence of love.

For a party girl to experience that divine solo-nourishment that the world is calling ‘self-love’, she must start letting go of self-destructive behaviour.

No amount of yoga classes or super foods will fill that well of joy and hope as much as the process of shedding an identity that no longer serves you.

In 2012, after years of battling with the mean girl in my mind who insisted I’d be outcast from the world if I couldn’t uphold my reputation (which had me known as: Tara, the one who could skull eight beers straight, out-drug my girlfriends and survive sleepless weekends), I finally released that part of me, which really, when it comes down to it, was just as outer projection, looking for love and pleasure.

Not dissimilar to a part of my heart that yearned for the same type of joy and acceptance.

From me.

This year, however, I’m helping women the world over drop their party girl identities as part of my new eCourse – The Party Girls Guide to Peace.


The Party Girls’ Guide to Peace is a 6 week temple of transparency and truth that nudges you away from the vodka and into vitality. It’s your big fat permission slip to start exercising your power so you can live the life you dream of.  

It’s a resource for women who are prepared (no matter how terrified they may be) to free themselves from their Party Girl label and instead, as a community, prioritise peace.



Keep dropping’ it, Wild Sister!

Has your to-do list got you feeling anxious?

Clear your schedule, put your list away and get back into your body. Write a letter to the Universe, saying:

Babes, I’m done for today. This isn’t how I want to feel, so please take care of this for me while I put my feet in the ocean and buy some fresh flowers.

Scared the money’s not going to arrive on time?

Create the space to allow it to. Throw out everything that you don’t either love or value. And burn a candle to celebrate.

Sick of waking up hungover? Or drinking a bottle of wine on autopilot? Or feeling as though you simply want a richer, more meaningful life?

Then continue to let go.  

Drop the NO bomb often, and join us for the Party Girls Guide to Peace.

Make 2013 the year you discover self love.



I’m Tara Bliss! Transition coach, fear-buster and enthusiastic scribbler. I’m also the co-host of A Night of Stillness, and chief instigator of The Party Girls Guide to Peace. I’m easily excitable, regularly marvel at the world around me, and have a penchant for finding the good when things get tough.

My life purpose involves illuminating confidence, vibrant health and open faith in others, and I do that through written word on my blog (Such Different Skies), one on one coaching, workshops and e-courses. I get my biggest kick out of watching my clients (other young light-workers, bloggers and creatives) live courageously.

You can catch me meditating over my crystal collection, guzzling green juices, hanging with my honey-of-a-hubby, and wearing lipstick (recovering tomboy, right here!)

My ebook, 5 Steps to Killer Confidence is FREE to download, here.


Note from Jen:

Thank you so much, Tara, for sharing your self-love journey with us! Love you and your amazing work so much!

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