5 Ways To Connect With Spirit Everyday.

Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by Karina Ladet.


I’m probably like most people. I love spirituality and I spend a lot of my time doing some kind of spiritual practice.

However, I also forget to be spiritual a lot. It’s usually not until I catch myself having negative thoughts or sabotaging myself that I suddenly remember that I am not alone.

In fact…

I am never alone.

I am just one tiny part of the vast universe and we are all one.

My intention is to be connected with my spirit guides and to all that is as much as possible. This is what I aim for and some days it’s easier to do this and some are very difficult.

What I do when I catch myself feeling isolated or lost is that I stop and bring myself back into my body, back here and now.

In order to make my spiritual practice as simple and doable as possible I always come back to one or more of these 5 things:

5 Ways To Connect With Spirit Everyday:

1. Barefoot Breathing

I love taking my shoes off and breathing in through my feet and out through my heart. Nature is my magical friend and I can take sacred breaths with her anywhere, any time.

2. Holding a crystal

My favourite crystal at the moment is a heart shaped pink quartz that fits perfectly in my hand. When I need an instant connection with spirit I hold it and breathe slowly and deeply into it.

3. Opening up my heart

For years my heart was pretty much closed off to both myself and to others, but I have discovered just how powerful it is to open it up. I visualize my heart chakra opening up like a beautiful flower and I breathe in love through it.

4. Automatic writing

This is my all time favourite and the technique is quite simple. You just sit down with a pen and paper, relax and start writing whatever comes through you.

5. Visualizing my spirit guide

Find a quiet place to sit down and visualize a light bubble where you invite your spirit guide to come and meet you. It’s ok to “pretend” you see/feel/sense your guide, just go with the flow and spend some time in each others presence.

All of the techniques I mentioned above are so simple and you can do them for five minutes or one hour. It all depends on you. You don’t have to have any experience, just play with it.

I love being outside and nature is my best friend so, whenever I can, I do my spiritual practice outside – including some barefoot breathing outside in the snow last winter! I love challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone.

How else will I grow?

If you feel like being more gentle with yourself (and please do!) make yourself comfortable inside. Make yourself a cup of tea and maybe light some incense to get yourself in the mood.

There is no right or wrong way to connect with Spirit. There is only your way.

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One of the biggest lessons my spirit guides have taught me is to listen to my own inner voice. This is a work in progress but it’s very important to me to apply this when it comes to my practice. I always ask myself what I feel like doing.

What feels good and right to me today?

I am done with doing things the hard way and trying to prove how much hard work I can do. Obstacles on my way sometimes mean that I am on the wrong path.

My intention is to push less and enjoy more.

I go where the energy flows and where my path naturally leads me. No more going up-streams for me.

My spiritual practice and my connection to my spirit guides needs to be fluid and woven into my everyday life. I haven’t planned on flying off to a faraway country for a long retreat right now.

At this point in my life my priorities are my work and my family. My spiritual work has to fit into this life, not into someone else’s.

The big challenge for all of us is to find a good balance between staying connected to spirit and living our busy, modern lives.

I am slowly finding my own path and my own rhythm, very much thanks to nature. Mother nature has her own rhythm and she follows it. There is no pushing and trying harder involved, just a natural pace.

This is my intention for my spiritual life.

How about you?

Karina-Headshot-213x300Karina Ladet is an intuitive and spiritual guide.

She offers Intuitive Readings and also teaches others how to communicate with their spirit guides online and during live workshops.

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