Finding Your Worth Through Self Love + Passion: Guest Post by Tayla Anne

“It’s about valuing yourself – happiness always starts from within.”

~ Ricki-Lee Coulter

When I was diagnosed with anorexia back in 2004 I was lost and couldn’t figure out where I was going, who I was, or what I wanted. In fact it wasn’t until I started to recover two years later that I really began asking myself those questions.

What did I want?

What made me happy?

Who was I?

At the beginning, it was difficult answering these as my perception of myself was so skewed by the media and people around me telling me what to do, who I was. But as I got into it, I realized that I was something different, something unique.

My passions began to spring out of me like new blossoming flowers on a summer day.

I was finding what I was meant to be just by allowing myself to be open to who I truly was.

I found that art was a part of me and something that pulled me out of my dark places. I used collage to create love within myself and freedom in my mind. There were days where I would get lost in my art, end up spending hours upon hours designing up new ideas and painting until my heart was filled with joy.

In those times, I felt the most at ease. Free to be anything I wanted to be. It was in those times that I found the most pleasure and was able to escape from the pain of the everyday.

When I was able to accept that this was a part of who I was, things become clearer on what my passion was. I was to share my collages and my art to the world to inspire them.

I was to take my experiences and open them up for others to find comfort and hope in.

And when I allowed myself to do this, I found the most freedom of all and a passion that could never be replaced.

Creating, opening up, sharing. It all led to wonderful things and that is why I want to help you find that one thing of passion within yourself as well.

What is it exactly that lights you up from the inside out?

What brings you the most freedom?

What can you spend hours on without looking at the clock?

What is it you’ve been through that you need to share?

By pondering those simple questions, you are starting a lifelong relationship with your inner self.

Because when you love yourself enough, you automatically give yourself the power to do what makes you happy. And when you are doing what makes you happy, you are truly living instead of just surviving.

When I was struggling to love myself, the question I asked most was why? Why do I deserve it? And the number one answer I continually found was because that’s where the freedom lies.

And it’s true.

Absolute freedom comes when you can love who are at your core.

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It’s a lot easier said than done but it’s possible and worth every ounce of hard work and pain. To finally come to a place of pure love for yourself is the greatest gift you could ever receive.

And once you have it, you have passion and joy and happiness. Because you love yourself you can begin to share your story, your dreams, your art. And nobody is stopping you from doing so, except yourself.

You are the one you ask for permission, and you are the one to give it.

So when you’re searching for your passion start with asking yourself the questions above and focus on learning to love yourself for who you are in this moment.

Let your passions bloom.

Let your light shine.


Tayla Anne is the writer and artist behind She’ll Be Free, a self love and acceptance blog for those recovering from eating disorders.

After eight years of battling anorexia, she found freedom from learning to love herself and opening up.

Her jewelry and art can be found on her etsy shop here:

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