Last Chance To Get $1,109.54 Worth Of Self-Love Goodies For Only $97!

Hey wonder woman!

What a whirlwind of love and excitement it’s been here the last few days!

Hundreds of women all over the world have been jumping on board the self-love train like crazy! It’s so bloody brilliant to see so many women ready to kick-start their self-love adventure.

There’s less than 24 hours to go until the Go Love Yourself doors close forever, so if you haven’t grabbed your Ultimate Self-Care Package yet, now is the time.

Worth $1,109.54, this limited time only package is only $97.


Plus, $5 from every sale goes towards sponsoring the education of girls in the developing world through She’s The First. By choosing self-love for yourself, you’ll be giving girls an education and changing the world. Who says putting yourself first is selfish? Forget that!



Here’s what women have been saying about GLY:



@ispyplumpie on Instagram:

Peppermint tea and an iPad full of inspiration after downloading the Wild Sister self care package makes for an excellent last afternoon of holidays #wildsister #selfcare #goloveyourself

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And I’ve been getting so many emails just bursting with excitement about the collection of kickass products in this special bundle – it really is a feast for the soul!



Click here to see the list of products you’ll receive one last time.



Think of it this way…

Essentially, you’re only paying for:

  • Leonie Dawson’s Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation Kit and the two Create Your Incredible Year Biz + Life Workbooks {$69.85}
  • Jessica Swift’s 100 Days of Colour eProgram {$27}


  • Anna Guest-Jelley’s Permission to Curve eBook + Yoga Video Library {$97}

And you’re getting all other 30+ products FREE.

Not to mention you’ll be saving over $1,000.

Why spend a more than a thousand dollars and hours searching the web and buying these individually when you can just grab them all now in one easy package at 90% off?




Now, I know you’re probably wondering about a few things, lovely, so here you go:

How do I know if these products are right for me?

These love-infused goodies are right for you if;

  • You’re constantly beating yourself up over little things, like something you said last week or something that happened last decade.
  • You frown at yourself in the mirror, not liking (or even hating) what you see.
  • You don’t think you’re worthy of happiness, love, success or even a nice, long, hot bath.
  • You want to learn more about self-love, self-acceptance, healthy living, yoga, cleansing your body, clearing your blocks, meditation, spirituality, kinesiology, and creating the life of your dreams.
  • You just want more dedicated time for yourself, to relax, read, learn and transform.
  • You’re ready to fall deeply in love with yourself.

Of course, no-one knows yourself better than you. If this Go Love Yourself bundle and all these goodies light you up with anticipation and the thought of devouring all these transformational tools makes you jump up and down with excitement, chances are this is right for you, lovely.

Won’t I be overwhelmed with all these awesome products? How much time do I need to use them?

Lovely, there’s absolutely no pressure to use everything in this bundle. There’s no time limit to when you need to ‘get it all done.’

Even if you only read a couple of the ebooks and do an ecourse, you’ll still be getting tons of value for your money.

You can store them all on a GLY folder on your laptop or save them to your Kindle or iBooks to take with you and read whenever you need a self-love boost. It’s completely up to you, gorgeous!

Once you download it, all these goodies will be there waiting for you whenever you want them, even if it’s years in the future!

You can create a year-long self-love adventure for yourself, going through one product at a time, starting with the one you’re most excited about. Or you can go nuts and do all your faves at once. Whatever feels awesome to you, wild one!

Will this bundle ever be available again?


It’s so super important that you know that.

These products have never been available together like this in the history of the Universe.

They will never be available together like this in the future.

This is the ONLY TIME these life-changing ebooks, ecourses, meditations, kits and other goodies will be available in one easy, beautiful, super-affordable package.

So, what are you waiting for, wild one?

This is your last chance to get 40 eBooks, eCourses and other goodies from 20 expert contributors at over 90% off.

Whether you want to learn more about incorporating self-love into your daily life, transforming your negative body image mindset, healthy diet + lifestyle, kinesiology, yoga… or you just want permission to take some self-lovin’ time out for yourself more often, this bundle is for you.

Click here to grab your Ultimate Self-Care Package and start your self-love adventure today!


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