How I Changed My Life With Gratitude, Cleansing, Clarity + Action

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

~ Alan Watts

Wow! A whole lot has changed in my life over the last ten days.

Anyone who knows me well knows that when I decide to do something, I don’t waste any time. It’s a combination of impatience, stubbornness and determination that fuels me to get things done and make my dreams happen.

The thousands of women subscribed to the Wild Sister newsletter know from last week’s lovenote that a lot of change was going on in my life, but I wasn’t specific until now.

In the last ten days, Mike and I have returned to Melbourne after three wonderful months in Bali, and already we have found a new place to live by the sea.

Why this sudden change? Well, we adore Bali and every day was beautiful there. But one day only a few weeks ago, I was answering interview questions for a fellow blogger. One of the questions asked what I hope to be doing in a few years. I’ve been asked this question many times now and my answer has always been the same:

Living by the ocean, surrounded by children, animals, a veggie garden, spending my days working on Wild Sister, walking along the beach and having fun with the people I love.

Every time I’ve written that answer in an interview or on a bio page, that dream felt like it was years away. But this time, I realised there wasn’t anything stopping me from living that dream right now. I didn’t have to wait anymore.

For a little while, I was torn. Mike and I had talked about spending this year travelling, then we would come home and settle down after that.

But in all honesty, we are all travelled-out. We’ve been together for over seven years, and for every one of those years we were in a different place, uprooting ourselves to move overseas, interstate or to a new home.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a blast. I love seeing the world and exploring new cultures, but it’s time for us to finally make a home for ourselves.

As I write this, a quote I once read on a hostel wall in Beijing keeps coming into my mind:


I took this photo of Mike at the 365 Inn in Beijing, you can see the quote just above Mike’s head on the wall. It says:

“I find I keep collecting things for an apartment I don’t have, while my toothbrushes rest in bathroom cupboards on three continents.”

I’ve felt that way so many times, and while travelling is an amazingly enriching experience, sometimes coming home is the best part of going away.

So now, here we are.


In the ten days we’ve been back, we’ve already found a beautiful new house to live in. By the sea. Right around the corner from family. In a town we’ve holidayed in for years, always saying that “one day”, we would move here and raise a family.

Today is that “one day”.

It’s amazing how quickly dreams and lives can change. I’m always surprised by the direction life takes me, but I love this roller-coaster ride and I never want to get off.

I feel so grateful that even though we’ve only been back in Australia for just over a week, we’ve already landed a gorgeous new house in a beautiful new estate to make our home.

For years we lived in old flats and apartments that were falling apart. None of these places had heating, so the cold Melbourne winters were especially long and dreary in our house. Back then, we settled for anything we could get. Not this time.

We were determined to find a home we could live in for as long as we wanted, somewhere we could make a life, make a family.

And we have done just that. It’s a big change to make, but we’ve done it in record time.

I used the principles I teach in the 21 Days of Abundance E-Course to help us land our gorgeous new home. Here’s how:


I expressed gratitude for the amazing three months we had in Bali; for being able to come back to our families and spend time with our loved ones; for finally being able to be fussy with the home we chose instead of just settling for whatever we could get; for being ready to settle down and start laying the foundation for our future; for having the courage to change our minds and the determination to change our lives. I’m grateful for all of it and so much more.


I went through all our boxes of stuff and cleared out everything that didn’t fit into my new life. Books, clothes, anything that I didn’t love or use anymore was gone without a second thought. My mum has always said that doing a big clean out of your material stuff is therapeutic, and she is so right. It helps you clean out all your inner stuff too. And even better than that; it makes room for even more awesome things to come into your life.


I got clear on exactly what I wanted in a home, what was non-negotiable. Heating was number one on that list, I wasn’t going to live in a cold, dark house anymore. Other things on that list included being close to family, having a room for me to use as an office and a nice, open kitchen for me to try out vegan recipes in. We got all of that within days of defining what we wanted. Because you can’t make your dreams come true if you’re not clear on what your dream is.


This is where most people give up. While I was counting my blessings, cleaning out my stuff and getting clear on what I wanted, Mike and I were out inspecting places all over town. We went to different real estate agents to get on their radar and made sure we had everything ready to give them with our applications. We had all our stuff ready to move. And once we had done everything we could to secure a place and all we had to do was wait for the call, I kept my faith that everything will work out for the best – it always does.

The first place we saw and applied for was amazing, we thought it was completely perfect for us. We handed in our application and waited, hoping to hear good news. Days went by and we still heard nothing. But I reminded myself that even if we didn’t get that particular house, that meant that there was something even better out there waiting for us.

I was right. We didn’t get the first house, the owner decided to sell it instead. That same day we inspected another house in the same street with almost exactly the same layout, style and feel, only it was much brighter and more suited to who we are. We had found something better. We applied and the next day we got it.

All this happened in just a few days. We’re signing the lease and moving in today.

This story is a perfect example of the 21 Days of Abundance E-Course in action.

I wanted to share this with you so that you know I don’t just teach these practices, I live by them.

Gratitude. Cleansing. Clarity. Action. Those four things can change lives.

Want another example of how gratitude can change your life? Watch this.

Here’s to turning “one day” into today.


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