10 Steps To Make Sure You DON’T Start Your Dream Business

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Kate Byrne.


Hey wild one!

Got entrepreneurial yearnings?

Did you think about it and decide that all that going-after-your-dreams-malarky is overwhelming and just too damn scary?

Smart thinking.

Better just stay on the couch watching My Best Friend’s Wedding over and over again instead.

What a relief to ignore your empire building desires, right? I’m here to help.

Here’s how to make sure this isn’t the year you start your dream business.

10 Steps To Make Sure You DON’T Start Your Dream Business:

1. DON’T clarify your vision.

Especially not one that makes your dream business feel so clear it feels almost real.

Whatever you do, definitely don’t vision board and absolutely don’t blueprint that shit.

2. DON’T set goals.

Yup. Goals are for peeps serious about going places. And if you do accidentally set goals, whatever you do make sure they aren’t really specific and measurable.

Goals like that, especially ones that use clear simple language and include actual numbers and dates, are dangerous action-inducing things.

3. DON’T make a plan.

If you’ve had a brain fart and somehow managed to craft a goal or two, DO NOT spend any time thinking about the steps you’d take to bring those suckers to life.

Don’t think about how long each step might take. Don’t think bout how much effort each one would be or any help you’d need along the way. And definitely don’t put those tasks in sequential order.

4. DON’T schedule in your priorities.

WOMAN! Whatever you do, DO NOT set aside time in your diary to do anything at all that might be linked to you moving towards your dreams. Not even 15 minutes a day. Seriously.

A focused 15 minutes is a dangerous thing. 105 minutes a week. 5460 minutes a year. It’s fucking heaps of time really.

Imagine how much you could create in all that delicious time.

Stop. Sit on your hands if you have to.

5. DON’T take action.

I can’t emphasise how much you should stay away from taking actual action if you want to protect yourself from success at any endeavour, including starting your dream business.

If you take action, especially action linked to a realistic plan that’s goal focused and underpinned by a rad vision, you might accidentally find yourself to be the creative entrepreneurial trailblazer you’ve been avoiding.

6. DO focus on how far away you are from where you’d like to be.

Focusing on this baby will keep you nice and overwhelmed.

There’s nothing like constantly focusing on this to make you feel exhausted and all what’s-the-point.

Whatever you do, don’t break the distance down into manageable baby steps.

Don’t reward yourself along the way.

And absolutely don’t even consider enjoying the journey.

7. DO constantly compare yourself to others.

This tip especially applies to comparing yourself to those who are more established than you right now.

If you always come off second best you know you’re doing it right.

Hours and hours trawling social media – especially hours when you could be creating or enjoying life away from the interwebs is the perfect way to try this.

Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, remind yourself that you’re comparing your start line to their mid way point.

8. DO believe the voice in your head that says you can’t do it.

If you do, ultimately you’ll be right.

And being right is pretty damn good… Maybe not as good as being thrilled and proving yourself wrong on this one… but still ok, right?

Believing that voice is a great way to stay right where you are, which I’m guessing is dream business free.

9. DO try to do everything at once.

As in yesterday. And if not yesterday, right now. Why?

A) Sustainable systems are for losers who want to set up a business that’ll support them instead of suck them dry,


B) that sense of overwhelm and panic is sure to break you sooner rather than later.

And if you’re broken without systems in place it’s gonna be MUCH harder to create your dream business (unless your dream biz involves having the fun sucked out of you, then by all means go for it!).

10. DON’T ask for help.

Instead try to figure out and do everything yourself and grind to a halt as soon as you,

A) don’t know what to do,


B) run out of time, or…

C) stop enjoying yourself.

I particularly recommend you don’t ask peeps already in your network OR experts for help.

It’s probably ok to just wonder if someone else could get the food shopping, help you put together a financial forecast, or be your accountability buddy. But whatever you do, definitely don’t ask.

So there you go babes. Your foolproof formula for success. As long as your idea of success involves NOT setting up or growing your dream business this year.

If you hold strong to each of these, I guarantee you won’t become the creative entrepreneurial business babe of your dreams.

You’re welcome!


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