The Secret Power of Allowing Yourself to Fail

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Jessica Baker.

If you want to succeed, you have to first give yourself permission to do one of the most vulnerable and uncomfortable things in your life, and that is to fail.

Seriously, all cards in, give it your best and give it your soul. And then give yourself permission to fail at whatever ‘it’ is.

Here’s why…

I discovered a secret. By forcing ourselves to only be successful we are actually blocking our own creativity and freedom by so deeply fearing failure. I stumbled upon this awareness by accident in my own business creation and with my relationship with my husband.

As a contributor to our family’s financial needs, I knew I had to grow my business to a certain income level, which created authentic drive and motivation. But I was also driving myself to a place of anxiety about the need to produce and to do so successfully. I had been expelling a lot of energy on creating successfully and really beating myself up when things didn’t go the way I had imagined.

In my mind, there was no room for failure.

And then a funny thing happened. My husband said to me one day that we would figure it out. That his income could cover our living expenses until my business grew to be the level that was financially strong, and that in time he knew my business would be successful.

Wow, he was giving me permission to explore what worked for me; he trusted that my success would come.

I sighed a huge breath of release and relief. And suddenly I felt free. I had not even realized how much self-created pressure I placed on creating and doing, to be successful. In my mind, I had built a fortress out of success, and I became so consumed by not wanting failure that there was no room for creativity and freedom. I had been innocently robbing myself of success – until that moment of true awareness.

Without creativity, we feel blocked, stuck and lack new ideas and energies to fulfill our soul’s calling and business vision. And without our freedom, we feel stuck in a box and trapped like a hamster who just runs on their wheel and can never move forward. We end up losing our unique self expression and our playfulness which leads to stagnation and lack of growth.

In my business, by pushing away the possibility of failure, I had created no room to play – and playfulness is where true creativity comes from, which then drives success. I had put so much pressure on myself to succeed in all areas of my business that I was actually holding myself back from truly creating the beautiful magic and transformation I wanted.

Unintentionally, I had been holding myself hostage from two very important pieces to the success pie, freedom and creativity.

I suddenly noticed how much more room there was in my body, my business and my mind. And then the moment of truth came, when I knew this is exactly what I didn’t know I needed…

I needed permission to fail, so I could create.

We all are doing this in this some form or another. You may not have a partner, or you may have an entire team who counts on you. Either way, we so badly want to create our dreams and visions, that we create no space for failure. When allowing for failure is exactly what we need to do.

Failure does not have to be scary, although at first it does feel vulnerable. But I promise, allowing room for failure will empower and change you. Failure can just be another part of the learning and creating process to our true success in life and business.

Here is my challenge for you:

Give yourself permission to fail.

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…So you can have the freedom to play, create and have real success.

Because without allowing room for failure, you may continue to push away the fulfilling experience of beautiful and abundant success.

Jessica Baker Headshot SMALL (427x640)Jessica Baker is on a no looking back mission to help spirit-led change making women to get unstuck, release fear and become emotionally aligned, so they can take find & create their heart’s vision and take action as the Heart-Guided Warrior of their life & business.

She is an expert in transforming and overcoming past set-backs into powerful strengths and gifts. Inspired by her own healing journey of overcoming trauma & recovering from PTSD, she integrates the horse into her practice; providing women’s retreats, coaching & mentoring.

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