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This is it, lovely!

We’re down to the last hours of this massive once a year offer. But let’s forget that for a moment.

I want to tell you the story behind this $10/month plan

When I first felt the urge to change my life, to become a happier, healthier version of myself, I had no idea where to start. How do you go from being the victim to be being your own hero? I had no idea.

And I felt incredibly alone.

I found comfort and inspiration in blogs written by women who wanted the same things I did and were closer to getting them than I was. I learned a helluva lot from these women, and later I would invite them to write for the first editions of Wild Sister Magazine.

While I was searching for guidance, tools and inspiration, I found books, products and communities that I knew would help me get where I wanted to be. But they were expensive.

At the time, I hadn’t yet learned how important it is to invest in yourself, and I had little money to spare. So I chose to stick with free options, free ebooks, blogs, etc. And they helped tremendously, I even started my own blog.

Eventually, I reached a point where I felt ready to make a deeper commitment to my own wellbeing by putting my money where my mouth was and joining communities and buying products I felt was aligned with who I am and who I wanted to be.

Even though it was the most I’d ever paid for anything at the time, it felt right, and investing in myself changed everything.

When I opened my own community space, the Wild Sisterhood, I wanted to give women an easier option, but one that is still a strong commitment to themselves.

Because it’s that commitment to yourself, that moment of ‘I’m doing this for myself, no matter what,‘ that sparks change.

When you’re at the cusp of change, it’s easy to let fear win. Excuses pop into your mind, trying hard to convince you to give up. At first, it’s all about baby steps.

That’s what this Year of Wildness offer is all about.

It’s here for women who are aligned with our Wild Sister message of self love, sisterhood and changing the world but are still at the beginning of their journey, slowly moving towards their own light, taking baby steps towards their dreams until they feel strong enough to go full steam ahead.

Really, it’s here for my past self, who spent countless hours staring at sales pages for online communities that she KNEW would change her life, but was too scared to take the leap.

It’s here to make it easier for her, and a little less scary.

It’s here to help her make a smoother transition into the life she’s destined for.

If you can relate to any of this, beautiful, just know that I’m sending you so much love and a big bear hug. I’ve sat exactly where you are. I still remember the nerves, the fear, the anxiety, the worried thoughts about whether or not it’s a waste of money.

Let me tell you something…

If it lights you up just thinking about it,

If it pops into your head again and again,

If you can feel that pull towards it,

Then it is NEVER a waste.

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And that goes for anything in life, not just where you choose to invest your money.

From who you choose to spend your life with and what you choose to make a career out of, to the outfit you chose this morning… always go with the option that excites you most.

Always go with what makes you come alive.

I did, and still do.

Now, I thank my past self every day for taking action on her dreams. All those little actions, all those times I chose love over fear, all those moments that brought me to where I am today.

I’m proud of my bravery and my determination to live my life differently to how I was told I should.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, if it’s sparking something within you, that means that somewhere deep inside, you recognise it as truth.

If not, then I can tell you right now that Wild Sister may not be for you. But there will be something out there that is. Keep looking for it, and when you find it, soak it up, lovely.

If you know in your heart that Wild Sister and the Wild Sisterhood is not for you, that’s completely fine. In fact, that’s awesome.

I want the Wild Sisterhood to only be filled with women who connect with our message on a heart and soul level.

This Year of Wildness $10/month offer isn’t about getting tons and tons of women in solely based on the fact that it’s a simple payment plan. No. My goal isn’t to get as many women in the Sisterhood as possible.

My goal is to reach out to the women who need this, and invite them in.

It’s about making it easier for those women who feel the connection but need that extra boost of encouragement to take the leap.

If you’re one of those women, I truly do hope to see your gorgeous smiling face in our love-filled tribe today.

So much love to you,


P.S: Once the Year of Wildness doors close, they won’t open again until 2015.

The price of membership will go back to $99.

If you’re on a budget, or just want an easier way to get everything Wild Sister has to offer, jump on this now. Don’t wait another year.

REMEMBER: you’re getting over $1,000 worth of e-magazines, e-courses, e-books and other goodies all for just $10 a month. That’s less than what most people spend on their morning coffees in a month.

Year of Wildness Offer ENDS:



  • Friday, 17th January
  • 11:59 PM Friday 17th New York City, USA
  • 3:59 PM Saturday 18th Sydney, Australia
  • 4:59 AM Saturday 18th London, UK

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