Marie Forleo’s B-School: A Before + After Look At My Life + Business

There are so many ways my life has changed since I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School in 2012.

Most have been obvious, huge, awesome transformations, while others have been gentle, inner evolutions, too subtle to notice from the outside. But I’ve felt every single one.

Last year, I wrote 5 Ways B-School Changed My Life, an article about some of these changes. This year, I wanted to follow up on it because my life has changed so much more over the last 12 months.

And what better way to show how my life has changed than to do the classic before and after?





Left: me, giddy with excitement on my first day of B-School. Right: my 2012 work space. Cluttered + tucked away in the corner of our flat.

  • I was struggling with my business. I’d started everything from scratch and didn’t know how to take it to the next level.
  • Because I was struggling and feeling like it was moving at a snail’s pace, I started to lose excitement for it. I started to give up. It was becoming too hard.
  • I felt completely alone. I didn’t know anyone else who ran an online business, and had no-one to talk to about it for advice on what to do next.
  • My dream was to earn enough so that my husband could quit his job and work with me. We wanted move out of our small flat in the inner city suburbs and live by the sea in our favorite beachside town. That dream felt so far away that it hurt.
  • I had zero confidence in myself and my abilities to succeed.
  • I didn’t think I deserved to invest in myself.
  • I didn’t like marketing. I thought it was was icky. I thought rich people were greedy fat cats.





Left: me, less than a year after B-School, in Bali. Middle: my work space during our 3 months in Bali in 2013. Right: my work space now, in our home by the sea.

  • My business is booming! Everything feels so much easier now, like I have the treasure map to success and if I just follow the steps there’s nowhere to go but UP.
  • My excitement and passion for what I do is electric. I get high off of my work. How many people can say that?! Well, actually I know a ton of people who can say that – and they’re ALL B-Schoolers!
  • I can’t even keep count of how many amazing women I know now who are running open-hearted, uber successful online businesses. My whole perception of women in business, and women in general, has transformed. I’ve never seen so many women {and men too!} supporting each other so generously, working together so harmoniously, and supporting each other so tirelessly. It’s magic! I made new friends who inspire me, ‘get’ me, and cheer me on. Some I’ve even met in person and had the best time with.
  • A year ago, my husband quit his job. We moved to our favorite beachside town and now we live in a beautiful, light-filled home with our little pug puppy. But before we moved here, we spent three amazing months living in Ubud, Bali. Just because we could.
  • My confidence sky-rocketed. I found the courage to step up and go on Leonie Dawson’s retreat in 2012, something I would never have done without the confidence I gained through B-School – plus the skills I learned in B-School helped me earn the money to pay for the retreat!
  • I KNOW that investing in myself and taking good care of myself is ESSENTIAL to my happiness, wellbeing and success.
  • I LOVE marketing now! B-School taught me that marketing can be done with authenticity and integrity, and that it can be super fun! And now I know that money doesn’t make you greedy, it makes you more of what you already are. Now, I’m a philanthropist! I use my business and my money to support the causes I believe in and make this world a better place.



I love pretty much everything about my work. But the most rewarding part, what gives me the most fulfillment and joy, is knowing I’m making a positive difference in people’s lives.

I have a folder in my email inbox that I call my LOVE folder. It’s where I keep all the emails I receive from Wild Sisters, telling me that the blog, magazine or sisterhood has inspired them in some way.

Emails from women who found comfort, empowerment and soulful insights from Wild Sister. Love notes from every corner of the globe.

That folder is sacred to me, and I visit it whenever I need a happiness boost or a reminder of why I do what I do.

My other favorite part about my job is the philanthropy side. Ever since Wild Sister began, I knew I wanted to use it to promote and support causes that help women and girls.

In 2013, as a representative of the Wild Sister community, I sponsored four girls in developing countries to get an education. You can meet three of these beautiful souls here.

I continued sponsoring another little girl through World Vision.

The Wild Sisterhood Kiva team made loans to women all over the world.

I gave $1000 to the Wild Sister of the Year.

I owe so much of these big wins and successes to Marie and B-School. Clicking that enroll now button on the B-School website was the BEST decision I’ve ever made for my business. 

It’s like a fun, interactive handbook for making money by doing what you love – and changing the world in the process.

It’s a freakin’ masterpiece.

And today, enrollments are open for the only 2014 round of B-School.

I’ll be doing it for the third time {because there’s always more to learn – and once you join, you get lifetime access!}, but I’m most excited about mentoring a whole new class of Wild Sister B-Schoolers.

Join B-School + I’ll Give You Over $1,000 Worth Of Bonuses:

I’m so crazy about B-School that I became an affiliate so I could spread the word and be a part of this online revolution year after year.

And to sweeten the deal for new B-Schoolers, I’m offering over $1,000 worth of bonuses to anyone who joins through my link.

Click here to see what’s on offer.

My story isn’t unique in the B-School community. You can read the stories of two of the 2013 Wild Sister B-Schoolers here.

Every day, B-Schoolers are making their dreams come true, and in a year’s time, you could be writing your own success story about how B-School changed your life.

Right now, you’re in your ‘before.’ What do you want your ‘after’ to be?


P.S: To be clear, you need to follow these steps exactly in order to receive the bonus Wild Sisterhood membership, Group Mentoring + other bonus goodies from me.

P.P.S: Want to learn more about Marie Forleo’s B-School? Click here!


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