Sister To Sister: My Interview With Jess Carlson


Over the next week, I’ll be sharing interviews with two of my dear friends and Wild Sisters about their B-School adventures, and finding out how their lives have changed one year on from doing B-School with me.

The first of these interviews is with the awesome Jess Carlson, Wild Sister contributor, spiritual teacher, coach, and proud Wild Sisterhood member. It’s been so cool watching Jess transform her business over the last 12 months, and if you haven’t checked out her website, be sure to hit it after the interview – it’s freakin’ gorgeous!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

I am an intuitive life + biz coach, spiritual teacher, and shamanic priestess. I work mostly with women, though some men are drawn to my work, to help them get in touch with their inner guidance, their intuitive voice, and authentic selves. I help them learn to demystify and simplify spirituality and metaphysics to create tools for manifesting their dreams in life as well as their soulful, spiritual businesses.  

I started doing the work I do in 1998 by just simply offering short tarot readings to people online, and over the years it’s lead me to learning all kinds of spiritual and practical techniques for healing, personal growth, and spiritual development that completely transformed my life.

Because I saw how much these things changed my own life, I wanted to start sharing them with other people who were in the same place I had been. That started with just blogging, but eventually lead to offering more readings, distance Reiki, and later coaching. I eventually reached a point where I wanted to start sharing the “how’s” to what I did so people could help and heal themselves or others.

I feel like there is a huge need right now for more and more people to learn how to understand and use the tools of the Universal laws, spirituality, and consciousness. Alongside my coaching, I teach a few courses in spiritual work and offer ebooks and meditations for getting in touch with Spirit.

2. What I love most about your B-School story, and something I think so many people can relate to, is how resistant you were to it before you joined, and how you didn’t think you could make it happen. Can you tell us a bit about your hesitance, what changed your mind and how you made it into B-School?

When B-School came around in 2013 I was in a really fragile place.

I had, just a month earlier, decided to let go of my pen name and online persona I’d had in the Pagan community for 7+ years in order to shift into using my actual name {which most people had never even known} and to drop all my connections with witchcraft and the Pagan community publicly so I could focus on teaching and sharing other kinds of spiritual material that I’d come to find far more empowering. 

One thing that had been bothering me tremendously was how clients I was working with prior to 2013 kept coming back to me over and over again with the same problems, never creating real, lasting change because most of them just wanted a quick fix with a spell and not to actually do the work needed to make the shifts in their lives.  So I felt I needed to stop doing things that perpetrated what I was feeling was a bit of a lie and step into my real authenticity as a shaman and spiritual worker. I wasn’t practicing the Craft much anymore so I didn’t like living publicly or online like I was.

Then I heard B-School was starting, and I knew that if I was going to re-brand and relaunch my business seriously I was going to need this.

I didn’t have another 15 years to waste on doing things completely on my own from the ground up. 

I also knew there was tons about online business that I didn’t know or that I was doing ineffectively.

The problem was I didn’t have the money hanging around. I had just moved to San Diego from Boston with my husband and to ask him for the money right then wouldn’t have been a pleasant conversation.  

When I reached out and shared my frustration on Facebook, you shared your story of how you had managed to get the money together for B-School previously through doing Pay What You Can offers. 

I figured it couldn’t hurt to try that, and at the very least if I didn’t raise all the money and at least raised enough to cover one or two payments for the payment plan option that would ease the discussion I might have to have with my husband.

I quickly pulled together a bunch of discounted offerings, Pay What You Can readings, and set up a flat out donation button for people that didn’t want anything but who wanted to support my dreams.

The response was overwhelming and not at all what I expected!

In a week and a half I raised all the money for B-School, plus an additional $1000 by the end of the three weeks I ran the fundraiser.

The extra money went toward website upgrades, biz books recommended in B-School, and general office supplies.

3. How did B-School change your business?

B-School changed everything about my business!

In a few months I went from “just a blogger” with an offer or two, to a full fledged online spiritual business. 

I gained the confidence to really take my work to the next level because I realized that the reason I hadn’t was I didn’t understand a lot of the psychology behind why people did things like free preview calls and newsletter opt-ins or the importance of knowing the people you’re trying to reach. 

I also didn’t know anything about how to really break out from the crowd.

There were things in B-School around dealing with comparison and competition that completely changed how I approached my business.

As a result of what I learned and implemented from B-School, I went on to make six times what I made in my business the year prior.

4. How did B-School change your life?

It actually helped open my eyes to a lot of awesome people, products and services that other B-Schoolers had to offer, some that I’ve partaken in and others that have led me to find yet other amazing life enhancing offerings. 

In general, B-School turned out to be a massive source of inspiration on all levels and has given me a whole different vision for my life, business and beyond!

5. What are 3 words to describe how you felt about your business before you did B-School?

Forgettable. Floundering. Stagnate.

6. What are 3 words to describe how you feel about your business now?

Soulful. Authentic. Expanding.

7. What goals or milestones have you achieved since B-School?

During the rest of 2013 after B-School I honestly did things I had no idea I would be able to do in the time I did it. 

I created, launched, and sold out multiple online courses that have now become professional certification courses for spiritual workers. 

I got the chance to get involved with Wild Sister which was on my big dream list of things I wanted to do that I created during B-School.

I created several different personal and biz centered coaching offerings that have been well loved by those who have partaken in them, and at the end of 2013 I finally launched my own membership community, something I’d been dreaming of doing for a few years but never felt ready to do. 

Because I had the rest of my business so sewn up finally, and had been able to really know what to create and how to do because of what I learned in B-School, I had everything I needed to successfully launch my member site with confidence. It’s still in its infancy but it’s turning into a beautiful, growing, healing spiritual online space!

8. You joined B-School through Wild Sister. Did the bonus of Wild Sisterhood membership, B-School Mastermind Group and Group Mentoring from me enrich your B-School experience? If so, how?

The Wild Sisterhood membership and all the B-School bonuses in the Sisterhood were fabulous extras to work with! 

One of the things I love about B-School is that community is a big part of it. On the other side of that coin is the fact that there are dozens of B-School communities to get involved in and there are thousands of people in B-School. So the communities are huge, with lots of people talking at once, and it’s really easy to get lost in the crowd and not get what you really need from that kind of space.

The B-School Mentorship group in the Wild Sisterhood was a wonderful place to go when I didn’t feel comfortable with the vast B-School community, or even one of the smaller niche ones I’m in. Having you there to share your thoughts and experiences as someone that had already been through the whole program was great because it was awesome to get validation about what I or anyone else was feeling or experiencing.

B-School can be a lot at once so having a small, intimate support group with someone that’s been there is something I wouldn’t do this without!

9. What advice do you have for anyone feeling hesitant or afraid to take the leap into B-School?

If you think about it once and then come back to it twice, you’re already over-thinking it! 

This is really one of those things where if you feel drawn to it from the start, there is a reason and you should just do it. 

It’s so important to remember that this isn’t just a few months and you’re done. B-School is a lifetime program and you can come back and revisit the lessons and the work as much as you need to. I often take out my Fun Sheets from B-School and re-do exercises to get new insights when I’m feeling a little stuck.  

The program itself is presented and structured in a way that is easy to understand and work with. It would take me only a few hours a week to go through the lesson and the work itself and then I could take it and run with it to do implementation as I was ready to during the rest of the week. If you’re still working a part time or full time job and think you don’t have time for B-School, you absolutely will!  

When it comes to being afraid to take the leap into greatness with your purpose and mission, I think B-School is a great way to get over it. 

You’ll have lots of time to get clear and focused on your business vision so when the time comes to actually put your work into the world you’ll know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to do it effectively. 

Even though I’ve done so awesome with my own business this year because of B-School, there were things that didn’t make sense for me to work with at the time that do make sense now, so you better believe I’ll be there taking the live class again in March!

10. What do you have planned for the future?

In the summer I’m planning to launch an online magazine called Esprit Bohème, focused on sharing wisdom and stories from spiritual seekers of all different paths. I have a new podcast coming in the next handful of weeks called Spiritual Tea, and I’m planning to write a few more ebooks this year.

My big future plan is really focused on simply writing, speaking, and teaching on a wider scale. Let’s just say my 2014 vision board is covered in books, tropical yoga retreat centers, and pictures of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Oprah.

I’m not afraid to dream big at this point because with what I know spiritually and what I’ve learned in B-School I can manifest being on a stage with my favorite teachers at an Oprah hosted spiritual retreat in Hawaii one day, for sure!


Thanks for stopping by, Jess! And a huge congrats on all your success! High-fives to you, lovely!

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