The Bliss Break: How 5 minutes Can Transform Your Day

Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by Makenna Johnston.


Ever had one of those days when you’re knee-deep in your life or business and you’re stuck? You can’t see a way out, you’re spinning your wheels, and clarity? Forget that noise! Clarity eluded you hours (or days) ago. All you see is murky waters.

Oh sister, I’ve been there. More than once. But, no more!

Three years ago, while working on a project that was eating me alive, I learned the magic of the Bliss Break.

I was bleary eyed and exhausted. I’d spent weeks digging through emails, unpacking software code with my team, and the darn thing we were trying to fix was STILL broken.

“You need a break,” my boss said. “You need to stop checking your email at 3am, you need to stop staring into the computer screen right now, you need to take a chill pill.”

I stared, befuddled at him. The idea of ‘taking a break’ seemed impossible, I’d been going going going for weeks. He was stern. “Let’s start right now, just take a five minute break, now. Go take a walk. Don’t think about the project. Think about yourself.”

And so I did.  

I took that five minutes for myself, and in the process found a powerful new tool in my productivity handbook. I came back more jazzed then ever to lead my team of 10, and within a few hours we had cracked the case. All because my team’s fearless leader took a five minute break.

The new world of technology has workers, mothers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs stuck in front of a computer screen for hours at a time. We spend the majority of our days glued to devices, typing on keys. And sometimes, even just five minutes can change how we see or perceive things.

I call that five minutes the Bliss Break. And these days, I take quite a few Bliss Breaks each and every day. Just five minutes can refocus your energy, encourage a shift in attention, and get you realigned.

Writers block? Take a Bliss Break!

Patience for your kiddos/boss/employee wearing thin? Take a Bliss Break!

Frustrated at a client? BLISS BREAK!

A Bliss Break differs from just walking away or stepping back. A Bliss Break is fueled with intention, and is a calculated moment to take five minutes to really feel blissful with a mission to come back feeling much better. It is a powerful reminder that…

Bliss doesn’t have to take hours to find. Five minutes is enough.

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I view Bliss Breaks as part of my daily practice – they are my soul food. They give me time to center, relax, and organize without having to commit a chunk of time to a single activity (a difficult task due to my current work life!).

How to create a daily practice of Bliss Breaks:

1. Write a List.

Make a list of all the things you can do in just five minutes, and make sure they are things you absolutely love.

Some of my examples: sun salutations, meditation, quick art, light an intention candle, make a healthy snack, prepare tea, go on a walk, close your eyes, listen to music, eat a few pieces of dark chocolate, smudge myself, dance around wildly, sing a song at the top of my lungs (just to name a few).

Write everything down, and don’t stop until you’re sure your brain is empty.

2. Choose your Bliss.

Keep that list close at hand, and when you start to feel wonky, lose patience or focus, pull out that list!

Pick a thing to do, set an alarm, and do it!

3. Bliss out.

Bliss out, rinse, repeat.

Take a bliss break as often as possible.

Heck, some days I have taken 10 of them before lunch!

Use these liberally, love on them. Only caveat? Stick to five minutes. Five minutes is just enough time to reboot, and refocus without losing traction. If you go longer, you’ll likely lose momentum on what you were working on. But if that doesn’t matter to you, then sister…

Bliss out all you want.


MakennaEvie-74 copyMakenna Johnston is a business strategist and bliss coach for soul-led and creative entrepreneurs hell-bent on living their bliss and building beautiful businesses. She loves to share entrepreneurship and her business know-how via one-on-one and group coaching programs.

An introvert with extroverted tendencies, she is mostly commonly found in her natureal habitat – an urban bungalow in Texas – where she  basks in sunlight and writes about using your passion to build a business that feeds your heart and soul.  

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