You are not crazy.

Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by Andrea Belarruti.


To all the brave sisters out there taking leaps of faith:


You are not crazy.

You are allowed to change your mind.

You have permission to choose, and then choose again.  

You are allowed to trust your gut and make things happen, even if they seem stupid.

It is your divine right to leap.


Change is healthy.

You deserve to search, and keep on searching.

You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your soul.


You have permission to go nuts  and decide you’ll start all over again.

It is ok to throw everything out the window if it feels like the right thing to do.

You have the right to destroy and then create once more.

You get to decide who you want to become.

You get to choose and hold whatever title fits today, for it is your privilege to experiment.


Your bravery will make you blossom, this I’m telling you for sure.

Not everyone will understand, but they’re not meant to, this is your sacred path to the soul.

You are not only allowed to follow it, it is your duty to do so.

Make it your mission to walk it.

It is not supposed to be an easy journey, but you are strong enough to do it.


Sometimes we are like rivers, making a lot of turns before we reach the ocean.

You are meant to do those turns as it is nature’s way.

Honor your intuition, for it is the voice of true wisdom.

This is the voice you should be listening to.

Don’t let your fear misguide you, for if you follow your heart you shall not fail.

You know your way already, be still and listen:


You are not crazy.

You are not confused.

You are not wasting your time.

You are not ruining your life.


You are supposed to evolve.

It is your destiny to grow and grow until you become the highest manifestation of yourself.

It is your blessing to make mistakes, to try and fail, to take one more step and keep on walking.

This is your gift to the world.

This is your offering:

To become the most You there can possibly be.

To become the true embodiment of your soul.

To show up with your highest, most sacred self, and do the work you are meant to do.


This is your soul’s calling.

Just be brave enough to listen.


andrea_belarruti2Andrea Belarruti is a mexican kundalini yoga teacher and an expert in crazy, deep transformation.

When she’s not delivering bold lessons on love, yoga and prosperity for soulful entrepreneurs, she can be found obsessively crocheting an endless afghan or worshipping her willful cat.

Learn how to transform, heal and grow your life and business at

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