Answering The Call Of My Soul

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I’ve been writing my heart out for almost four years now.

I always suspected it was the only way I could really communicate my thoughts, feelings and beliefs with clarity and meaning. But I didn’t start actively using it as a tool for expression and healing until 2010, during a very dark time in my life.

That was when writing saved me.

And when I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition earlier this year, it made all the more sense; I have difficulty communicating my feelings verbally, so my brain compensates for it through the written word.

To me, writing comes more naturally than talking. Conversations are hard, I constantly have to be ‘on’, monitoring every word, gesture, ensuring I’m making eye contact. It’s exhausting.

But writing, ah, it’s so much easier. All I do is sit at my laptop or open up a notebook and the words just flow. The words and sentences come into my mind and don’t leave until I write them down. They repeat over and over again in my head until they are set free by way of pen, keyboard or iPhone notepad.

When I don’t write for a while, my thoughts build up, and stress and anxiety builds up with it. I feel a weight on my chest, like I’m being blocked. The only way to organize my mind and clear my heart is to let it all out on the page.

And when I write, I feel my heart opening.

My mind becomes crystal clear, my body feels lighter, and my spirit soars.

I’m expressing myself creatively, and it lights me up like nothing else.

Without writing, I’m locked in my mind.

Without writing, no-one really knows what’s going on in my head.

Without writing, it’s harder to connect with others with complete authenticity and clarity.

Recently, I’ve been embracing my call to write with complete faith. I’m seeing it for what it is: a blessing in my life. My calling, maybe.

Some people inspire others through art, others through the spoken word or through coaching.

Writing is my thing, the thing that comes easy, that I adore, and that actually seems to help people.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a pull to write about things I’ve always thought very deeply about, but never really written about before; spirit, the soul, God, the Universe.

And most of all, I’ve been called to write about being devoted to your self.

Devotion to Self is something I’ve been practicing in my own life.

It’s a mix of self love, self-discovery and spirituality.

Recently, I felt a need to write about it. As in, my hands felt warm and I felt like if I didn’t write I would suffocate. I’m familiar with that feeling, and I always listen to it. I didn’t know why I needed to write about Devotion to Self, but when I feel something so strongly, I obey.

So I sat down and started writing. I think of it as intuitive writing. I sit down, open my mind and heart, and let the words flow. It’s almost like meditation.

It didn’t take me long to realize that what I was writing wasn’t a little paragraph or even a blog post, it was a book.

While I had thought about creating something on the theme of Devotion to Self, a book wasn’t what I had in mind. But that feeling that told me to start writing – whether it’s intuition, my Inner Guide, the Universe – obviously had other plans.

So, this is my round about way of letting you know that, I guess I’m writing a book.

About self devotion. And spirituality. And connecting with that truest, purest part of yourself that knows it’s one with all life.

I’ll tell you more when I know more. For now, I’m just going with it.

The book is appearing on the screen right before my eyes, and right now it’s my whole world. I can tell you that it’s coming straight from my soul, and it’s a beautiful thing to experience.

Are you being called towards something?

Perhaps something you don’t quite understand yet, or that doesn’t make sense?

I encourage you to answer it.

Answer the call of your soul.

It never leads you astray.


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