Hey Girl, Get Your Butt On The Mat.

Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by Kelly Bush.



I picked up my yoga mat yesterday morning and instantly heard the words, “I’m your Life Vest.”

No, unfortunately I don’t have a super cool yoga mat that speaks, but I do have an inner guide that just confirmed something I’ve always known…

Yoga keeps me sane, with two feet firmly planted on the ground.

So if I’ve always known this, why do I go on spurts of not going to the yoga studio that I love?

Why do we avoid doing things that we know make us feel great?

Is it that we are too busy in our lives and we sometimes fall out of a stable routine?

Or is it some deep inner meaning?

Once we fall off the mat, it’s always hard to get back on and do a downward dog again. It’s just the trip to get there. Once you’re there back in the moment, your mind, body and soul suddenly remembers what it feels like to be on your game again.

A majority of the time, there is only one culprit to blame and it’s not you. It’s your ego.

The sneaky voice that says, “It’s raining, you can skip running today” or “You can finish that project later” or “Why bother going on another blind date, I’ll probably never meet the right guy”. This voice can easily push you off track and once it does, it will do everything in its power to keep you there.

You will begin to feel unhealthy, or you will soon be completely stressed out because you’re doing a huge project for your company last minute, or you find out that the guy you were supposed to go on a blind date with was hot as hell and is now with someone else.

So how do you keep yourself from falling off balance in your life?

Well, the great thing is that once you jump back into whatever is your Life Vest, all of those fabulous feelings of health and wellbeing, productivity, inspiration and overall balance will come floating right back to you and cause the Feel Good Addiction.

The Feel Good Addiction is what you feel the moment you get a feel good response, that makes you think about the next time you’ll do it! A healthy addiction is a good addiction.

Want to take the first step? It’s fun, creative and will get those feel good vibes moving and grooving.

1. Grab a stack of index cards.

2. Think of your Life Vest and write down how it makes you feel on each index card.

3. You can be ultra-creative and use crayons, markers and even pictures from magazines or Pinterest.

4. Now put them somewhere where you can see them every morning. My favorite place to tuck them is on my mirror in my bedroom.

Creating a constant reminder of all of the amazing feelings you get when you’re doing what you love to do will push you to take the first step!

Are you ready to step back onto your mat? I know I am.


Bio PictureKelly Bush is the owner of soulsermon.com, a business that focuses on connecting female entrepreneurs to their “soul style” brands. She is a full time lover of yoga and anything that allows her to creatively express herself.

Kelly is an intuitive medium with creative skills that can rock your soul, ignite your spark and navigate you to success.

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