5 Ways To Own Your Awesome In the Most Diverse Locations

Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by Amanda Froelich.


Hey wild sister,

How often do you find yourself triumphantly descending into a new location to be greeted with intensely new smells, random strangers, and vibrant situations to become acclimated to?

As a travel writer and holistic health practitioner, I make it my business to not only scope the globe for opportunity to connect and unearth such situations, but to document such travels and experience the extraordinary.

I know, I know, it all sounds very romanticized when you put it that way. But more often than not, I’ve found myself in extremely awkward or ridiculous situations far from what the outside world perceives.

Whether it’s scouring a hostel kitchen for a lighter with hungover surfer dudes in Latin America, or trying to keep cool after almost getting beaten to death by the ocean waves – there have been plenty of moments when it was a struggle to remember my awesomeness.

This awesomeness is in everyone. It’s not ‘ego’ to own it, but rather a cool, humorous sense that all of life is ‘peachy’, and no matter what, you’re here to experience it to the fullest.

So go ahead: next time you’re quietly sitting next to an elder in the cramped Florida airport, or rushing through Panama on a bus full of chickens and smiling children, use these tips to stay centered and own your awesome.

5 Ways To Own Your Awesome In the Most Diverse Locations:

1) Smile.

When in doubt, smile.

Not only will it spread to those around you, it will give you relief to just laugh about whatever you’re experiencing.

So what if the stranger sitting next to you at the dull party thinks you’re strange, he’ll never see you again! Remind yourself that – and smile – and it will be pretty easy to stay “high vibe” throughout the night.

2) Find something relevant to chat about.

Your new friend from France nimbly butters his toast in a smooth, cool fashion. The chick from Canada awkwardly looks around, either trying to escape the small setting, or asking herself how she found such weird refuge on the border of Nicaragua.

To ease everyone’s morning (and even make new friends), you start out by going beyond idle small chat, and instead commenting on a topic that is relevant to everyone. Such as, “Wow, that was a crazy party in the streets last night!”. Not only is it completely accurate, but your stranger-like friends are in complete agreement that the masqueraders singing Reggae and shooting fire-works were, in fact, completely mad. Thank God you were safe in the hostel.

Plus, now everyone has opened up because you had the guts to just start some conversation, and finally toast and jam can be enjoyed in the tropical heat.

3) Love your business.

You know what? You really can’t please everyone.

There will always be that grumpy individual unpacking and then re-packing their bag in the frigid airport (why do they keep them so cold?), or stoically counting their chap-sticks at the bus station in Costa Rica. It’s okay. It really, really is.

Honor their right to choose whatever type of experience they’ve chosen to act out, and love whatever business is bringing you across the world (or even just across town).

If you’re always happy with what you’re doing, you’ll never get upset or bored with others’ ridiculous actions.

4) Get creative.

You’ve taken three different buses to arrive at a party on the beach from a random friend you encountered three months before. Sounds normal, right?

Well as soon as you arrive, you realize it’s not all that it was hyped up to be. For at least two more hours at least. That’s fine – go with the flow and get creative!

When you keep that mindset, you will live spontaneously and innovatively in the moment. This means it will only be another occasion to do naked Qi-Gong in the ocean underneath a full moon.

5) Be a spectator.

This is the most fun, right? If you’re in an awkward or tense situation, don’t allow yourself to get trapped in the mindset that others’ dramas are your own.

Know how it’s easy to do that? Detach, and observe the humorous setting as a spectator – in a loving manner, of course!

If you stay true to yourself, it will be easy to remain in good spirit and stay reminded of your inner awesome nature.

Follow these tips and I promise you, wild sister, your life will be enhanced in various ways. Whether you’re just out shopping for a new dress, or jumping on that business venture, you deserve to remember just how awesome you truly are. Never forget it.


travelpanamaAmanda Froelich is a whole foods, plant-based (live foods) chef, alternative health and travel freelance writer, RHN Holistic Nutritionist, ISD Detoxification Specialist, ambitious entrepreneur, and energy worker.

She’s obsessed with projects that merge intelligence and innovation with creativity and conscious communication.

When she’s not sharing delicious (raw) plant-based cuisine at Bloom for Life, she’s sharing travels on her blog, and planning the next adventure. You can keep in touch with this inspired young mind by visiting her website.

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