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I gotta say, when the words ‘Devotion to Self’ flowed into my mind in mid-2013, I had no idea it would lead to this. What started as my own personal experiment in blending self love with spirituality quickly grew into something much grander.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve lived and breathed Devotion to Self, pouring my heart out onto my laptop screen at a rapid pace, letting the words dance along the page. Before I sat down to write in the mornings, I’d quietly set an intention to only write words that would spark something in all who read it.

After a while, I couldn’t escape the words that needed to be written. Many times, I woke up in the middle of the night with paragraphs of inspiration running through my mind again and again until I scrambled for my iPhone to set them free.

This Devotion to Self online course is my baby. It combines all I’ve learned about self love, spirituality and the Universe with my most powerful devotional rituals, practices and prayers.

The lessons that have transformed my perception of my self, my life and the world live within this course. They are waiting with bated breath to create miracles in your life just as they have done mine.

I’m so proud of it, and I’m incredibly excited that the 100+ women who have joined the course are already experiencing shifts and letting go of old limiting beliefs.

Today is the last day of enrollments for Devotion to Self.

This is the only live round this year. It won’t be back until 2015.

And once enrollments close today, Devotion to Self will only be available in the Wild Sisterhood until the live round next year.




Love for Devotion to Self:

Wild Sister has radically changed my life because it has helped shift my own paradigm from a place of self-criticism to self-love.

Timmie Wanechko
Timmie Wanechko Devotion to Self Participant

This is absolutely amazing. I wanted to email you last night when I opened it. Super super super! You are so inspiring. I saw you in the video and just wanted to hug you. I was listening to the playlist last night while I painted, so fun. Thank you for that. I really need to slow down a bit and get into my Self. Spend sometime re-evaluating where I am and just loving on myself more. I have been doing art and entrepreneurship for the last 3 years, it’s good but I need to pull back a little and enjoy some of the fruits of my labor. The course has come right on time. Love you Jen, you rock!

Sofia Dabalsa
Sofia Dabalsa Devotion to Self Participant

If anyone is reading this and wondering if it’s right for them – IT IS! So many wonderful women to connect with.

Emma Lloyd
Emma Lloyd Devotion to Self Participant


Need some self love inspiration? Check out how the awesome Devotion to Self participants are lovin’ on themselves here.

So much love,

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P.S: Remember, enrollments close today and won’t open again until 2015. Join now.


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