Come just as you are: Why I love my Wild Sisters


Here at Wild Sister, January is a celebration of sisterhood. We’re celebrating our wild sisters and the spirit of sisterhood in three awesome ways:

1. Offering a special subscription price to the Wild Sisterhood. (Offer ends Monday!)

2. Running a huge giveaway. Winners announced at the end of this post.

3. Showcasing some rockin’ women in my Sister to Sister interview series.

You’ve met Shai and Deanne and heard why they love being Wild Sisterhood members. Now it’s time for me to grab the mic and tell you why I love the Wild Sisterhood.

Sometimes I refrain from talking about just how much I adore the Wild Sisterhood because it’s not about me, it’s about the members. But, I’m a member too – and I would be a member even if I wasn’t its creator.

I just love it that much.

So I’m going for it.

I’m going for it because I love these women too much to not brag about how awesome they are.

I’m going for it because I don’t see running the Wild Sisterhood as a job or even just as a business, I see it as a privilege.

I’m going for it because these wild sisters have helped me more than they’ll ever know.

Last week, I held the first Wild Sisterhood live chat party of 2015. Every month, I get nervous leading up to our chat parties. Social anxiety kicks into gear. (FYI: this infographic gives a perfect description of what the world looks like with social anxiety.)

But the moment the chat starts, the nerves and anxiety fade. It fades because the women in the Sisterhood are so kind, so welcoming, so supportive, that I feel I can show up as exactly who I am and they’ll still think I’m awesome.

Whether we talk about our big dreams and our fears or everyone’s local weather and our fave TV shows, it’s always so much fun.

I always feel invincible all day long after our chats.

Sometimes I wonder if I should project an image of myself as a fearless leader, the ultimate wild sister, and that showing up as anything less would make people lose faith in Wild Sister and the Wild Sisterhood.

Be more spiritual.
Be more positive.
Be more courageous.
Be more active on social media.
Be more interesting in my emails.
Just be more.

But I’ve learned that the more I show up as my real, raw self, the more faith people have. The more they can relate, the more they feel heard and seen and worthy, too.

In my recent interview with Shai, she said something about why she loved the Wild Sisterhood that really hit home.

“You can come just as you are and be fully loved and accepted.”

That’s it, I thought when I read that. I feel that too.

In the Wild Sisterhood, I can just be Jen. And that gives me the confidence to just be Jen everywhere else, too.

These women are my friends. I talk to them almost every day. I know their dreams and their struggles. I get excited when they talk about their work, their projects, their wins.

And in 2015, I’m strengthening my friendships with my wild sisters by adding new weekly rituals in the Facebook group:

+ Each Monday, we do a fun Q+A. I ask the group a question, e.g.: What’s one big lesson you came away with in 2014? or What book are you reading right now? And in sharing our answers with each other, we learn, we grow closer, we find similarities in each other’s stories and experiences. It’s priceless.

+ Every Wednesday in the Wild Sisterhood is known as Winning Wednesday, where we share how we’re winning that week. Big wins, small wins, it doesn’t matter. We celebrate with each other. Seeing the hells-yes-we-can-do-this energy that floats off the screen on our Winning Wednesdays sets me up for everything I need to do that day.

+ And every Friday is Link Love Friday, where we share links to our latest blog post or offerings. This ensures that the rest of the week is dedicated to conversations and still allows for our talented tribe to share their many gifts.

I can honestly say, the Wild Sisterhood has never been better. I’ve worked hard to get it to where it is today, to build it up to ensure every member gets a ton more value for their money, and I’m immensely proud to know how deeply it has helped and inspired the members – my friends.

Add to that the fact that a new 40-50 page power-packed issue of Wild Sister Magazine is added each month (not to mention that it’s one of the most affordable membership communities online), it’s easy to see why I’m so proud of it.

If you’re craving a safe, sacred space where you can just be you – in all your raw, complicated, wild glory – we’ll welcome you with open arms and open hearts.

Come just as you are,

jensignature copy

P.S: In case you haven’t heard, my three online courses – Devotion to Self, 21 Days of Abundance + Create Your eMag in 4 Weeks – are available ONLY in the Wild Sisterhood. I’ll be running live rounds of all three of these courses in 2015, but only in the Wild Sisterhood.

E N D S   M O N D A Y  –  J O I N   N O W



P.P.S: Here’s what members have said about the Wild Sisterhood:

I don’t know that I ever would have looked inside myself for healing and love without this Sisterhood. I’m absolutely more dedicated to myself and real, heart-felt connections with others. I have found some amazing friends in this group!”

“I absolutely love the connection and community. I love the passion of my wild sisters. I love the sharing and the support that we give each other. I love the creativity I see from everyone and in so many different ways. I feel supported and devoted to being me.”

“The Wild Sisterhood is so full of truthful energy and soulful inspiration.”

Wild Sister has become a family to me. My life has changed because I have connected to so many beautiful women on a global level, I can’t imagine my life without you, I feel like the world is a smaller, more exquisite place. It’s been a very touching experience.”

There is nothing better than being around highly creative women, that are smart, sassy, funny, powerful, brave, and compassionate.”

“If you’ve longed for a place to be supported and accepted “as you are” you have found your tribe!”

“An investment that has come to be worth every penny.”

Join now + experience wildness + sisterhood for yourself.


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