6 Ways To Always Pick the Right Crystal

Editor’s Note: this is a guest post by Jess Carslon.

6 Ways To Always Pick the Right Crystal

When I was a kid I used to spend parts of my summer at the beach in Cape Cod which was always very sparkly. I would dig and dig into the sand until I found opalescent while little pebbles that had little flecks of silver in them. I always went home with a bag full of shiny, glittery rocks.

When I was in my early teens and started practicing magic I learned about using crystals for healing. It didn’t feel like I was learning something new but reawakening the connection I had to those stones and minerals I was discovering in the sand when I was little.

Crystals are one of the most amazing gifts the earth has given us. They are powerful energetic allies that we can use for healing, empowerment, cleansing and balancing our lives. We might think crystals work because there’s some kind of secret magic to them, it’s really just science.

The natural vibration of the crystal changes our energetic vibration when they come in contact with each other. It has to do with the perfect crystalline makeup of the crystal as opposed to our energetic structure. The higher vibration of the crystal raises our personal energy field through entrainment.

All we have to do is hold a crystal for a little bit and it works to change our energy. You just need the right cleansed crystal with the right energy vibration for your intention and you can make some serious magic!

This is where some people get stuck. Anyone drawn to crystals has a moment of wondering what the right crystals are to use for a specific need. It’s actually quite easy if you’re willing to trust yourself.

Here are 6 simple ways to always pick the right crystal for anything.

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Having a few resources, whether they’re books or websites that you trust and can refer back to when you need to find a crystal for a specific intention is a great. I’m a big fan of books by Judy Hall like her Crystal Bible books. You don’t need every crystal book out there, just one or two from an author who’s material connects and makes sense for you. When you need to find a crystal just dig in and look for something that references your intention.

Check Your Chakras
If you are familiar with the chakra system you can always look to which chakra resonates with the intention you’re looking to work on. For instance if you’re having a hard time telling someone something that you need to let them know, you can pick a crystal that resonates with the throat chakra. Having a hard time finding your passion? Work with a crystal for the sacral chakra.

Use Color as a Guide
Color is a big part of the power of crystals. While the crystals have their own energies the color adds another frequency to the mix. Learning about color frequency correspondences opens up a world of crystal possibilities. You already know many of them – green for abundance, pink for love, yellow for joy, black for protection. The specific crystal can be secondary. The color will draw on the right properties you need from the crystal regardless of what it actually is.
Close Your Eyes and Hold Out Your Hand
If you have a collection of crystals already and you never know which one you need, set aside the idea of the “right crystal” and be open to the crystal that wants to work with you. Lay out the crystals a few inches apart from each other. Clap your hands a few times and rub them together to wake up the minor chakras in your hands while clearly focusing on your intention. Close your eyes and hold your receptive hand {the hand you don’t write with} a few inches over the stones. Slowly move your hand across them and feel their energy. When you feel one pull at your hand, that’s the one that wants to help you right now and who’s energy resonates with your intention.

Listen To The Universe
If you’ve been trying to pick a stone for a few days and you feel lost, you might start to notice a certain crystal popping up around you. You might be see posts on Facebook about it or you might be out somewhere and notice everyone is wearing a certain crystal in their jewelry. This is an answer to your silent prayer wondering what stone you need.

Go With Your Gut
Last but not least, when all else seems to elude you, trust your intuition. If you just feel that you need to use a certain crystal, use it. Don’t worry about if it’s the right crystal according to a book or a website. If you feel it in your gut that there is a certain crystal that you need to use, use it.


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Jess is a spirit-centered intuitive coach, reader, and lightworker. She has studied spirituality, magic, hoodoo and shamanism for 25 years and loves using her spiritual gifts and knowledge to help people shift from just surviving to happily thriving. Jess can usually be found tinkering in Photoshop, reading a book or painting, all usually done while listening to Dead Can Dance or The Cocteau Twins.

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