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Hello wild one!

Have you noticed a lot of change in your life lately? Or maybe changes in the lives of people who know?

I’ve been seeing it everywhere. People are shedding what no longer works for them and going after what they really want.

Things have been shifting a lot for me lately. I’ve been feeling the call to make some big changes. At first, it started as a whisper, a tiny idea that I pondered and then quickly talked myself out of because I didn’t see how it would work.

Over time, that idea kept coming back, leaving footprints in my mind that I would follow until it got too scary, then I would run away again, deciding that path wasn’t possible.

Then, I started noticing funny coincidences, little signs that brought that idea back into focus, and I started to believe that maybe it wasn’t just possible, but necessary. That it was something I needed to do.

What was that idea? It was to pass the role of Editor-In-Chief of Wild Sister Magazine to someone else.

After creating what is essentially a 40-60 page eBook every month for almost four years, I was starting to feel burned out from it. Add to that running the Wild Sisterhood, this blog and all the behind-the-scenes stuff of Wild Sister, and the fact that my fiction writing career is starting to take off and become much more demanding, and I was worried that my attention was being divided too much. I didn’t know if I could give it all the loving attention it deserved.

I wanted someone with fresh ideas, new perspectives and a big, bright vision to take the mag to the next level. And, of course, they had to love, cherish and adore Wild Sister as much as I do.

So I started to take that little idea more seriously, and I thought about who I knew I could trust to take over the magazine and would help it grow. Only one person came to mind.

But I was scared. I was scared she would say no. I was scared it would be too hard. And then she announced she was about to launch her own eMag, and I thought I had missed my chance. I even started crafting a message to her, proposing my idea, but just as I was about to hit Send, I chickened out and deleted it.

Then, not 24 hours later, she messaged me, saying we should collaborate on something soon. I knew that was a sign to put my idea out there. She responded with an excited YES, and we’ve been working out the details ever since.

So, the April issue of Wild Sister Magazine will be my last as Editor. As of May, Wild Sister Magazine will have a new Editor-In-Chief!

The new Editor-In-Chief lives and breathes wildness, sisterhood, strength, empowerment, creativity, peace, and everything Wild Sister values.

Many Wild Sisterhood members will already know her well, as she’s a vibrant part of our community.

Are you ready to find out who it is?

It’s the one and only Shai Ford!


Congrats, Shai! So excited to have you on board!

Shai is just as excited as I am to be making this change, and she’s already been brainstorming ideas on how to make the mag wilder than ever.

I’ll still be running Wild Sister, the blog, Wild Sisterhood, Facebook group and monthly chats. I’ll still be overseeing the magazine as a whole, and each issue will absolutely still be added to the Wild Sisterhood every month.

I’m so pumped about this new chapter for the magazine, and I can’t wait to see how Shai adds her rockin’ vibes to every page. I know she’ll give it the love and care it deserves, and take it to a whole new level. There’s no-one else I trust more to help Wild Sister grow.

Here’s to new chapters,


P.S: The 2015 live round of my Devotion to Self online course starts Monday 20th April! Join the Wild Sisterhood to take part in this popular, life-changing course.

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