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Editors note: This is a guest post by Karina Ladet

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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

What do you long for? What makes your heart sing and feels so good that it's almost unbearable? I invite you to ask yourself these questions and listen to the answers that come to you. Don't overthink this and let your mind and ego rest for a moment.

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If you allow yourself to dream and feel into your vision then you can trust that the next steps will follow. There is a time for everything. It all starts with a small seed or spark of something magical. When you let yourself start at the beginning and dream about it you allow the complete vision to land inside you.

Trust that there is a perfect timing for every creation.


As soon as you have felt into this dream take the next step and write it down or create a dreamboard for it. You are still fully immersed in your vision so don't get caught up in the details. When you've got a clear, visual image of your dream start planning it out. Ask yourself what you need to make it happen.

Create a timeline for it and make sure it's spacious enough to keep you feeling happy about implementing it and not overwhelmed. Tune in to the energy of your project and let it nurture you and show you the way. Every time you create something new you are opening the door to a beautiful and powerful co-creation.

You are saying yes to dancing the delicate dance with both essence and form and your Big Dream is here to partner with you. When you open up to your inner guidance you will receive all the help and support you need to create your next miracle. Remember that everything you need is right here so whenever you feel lost or unsure of what the next step is – open up and ask for what you need. Listen to the signs that are on your path and act when you feel inspired.

During a creative process there will be both ebb and flow so make sure you honour both rhythms.

Move forward when you feel the surge of energy carry you and allow yourself to rest and recharge your batteries when this is what you are being called to do. You are a powerful co-creator and you know exactly what you need to do. If you have moments of doubt and fear please reach out to your soul sisters and receive their loving support.

If you get lost in the details of how to manifest your dream with ease and flow come back to what brings you joy. Joy will guide you home. It will show you the next step and when you take it your heart will sing. This is an important part of the creative process.

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You are an amazing creator and your dreams are here to show you what your soul wants you to do. It is up to you to choose what is right for you and the timing. If you are feeling the call to do something just for fun and keep brushing it off I invite you to stop and really listen. What is your heart telling you? What brings you joy? Start there. Trust that when you allow for joy to guide you everything will fall into place. Each step will become clear at the perfect time and you will feel divinely guided.

You are amazing. You are powerful. You always know what you need. Ask. Listen. Go for it!



Karina Ladet


Karina Ladet is a warm and loving intuitive and spiritual guide. She offers Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Coaching on Skype and by e-mail and also teaches others how to Communicate with their Spirit Guides online and during live workshops worldwide.

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