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I was recently chatting with a friend of mine about the infamous ‘Ideal Day’ exercise, and that led to a Wild Sister Blab last night. If you missed the Blab, here’s a recap!

The concept of the Ideal Day exercise is, basically, to write out exactly how you want your ideal day to be from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. Some versions ask leading questions, and others are simply a journaling or visualization exercise.  This can be done for a couple of reasons – both as a way to nail down your goals and, for those of us who are a little more woo-woo, to put it out into the universe. Writing down our ideal day helps us manifest that ideal day.

I’ve noticed, though, the absence of feelings in a lot of the ideal day exercises that I’ve seen floating around the innerwebs. They ask what your house looks like, but not what it feels like. They ask questions about your partner but not what being with that partner feels like.

I didn’t realize how important this little change in perspective was until, around six months ago, when I looked back on an older ‘Ideal Day’ exercise of mine that I happened upon on my computer. Let me tell ya – it was eerie to read. When I wrote it, I was in a relatively new, not-yet-serious relationship,with a growing Etsy-related coaching business, an e-course and a book in the works, and very big monetary goals. For some reason, though, when I did the exercise, I left out a lot of the specific details and focused on my feelings. I didn’t even mention the guy by name – I just called him my partner, and talked about how being with him felt.

Fast-forward to a year and a half later, my life feels exactly how I described it in that exercise. It’s so close, my jaw dropped and I forwarded it to my friends with a big ‘Ohmygosh, look at this!’.

  • I am not with that guy. 
  • I totally changed career paths. 
  • I didn’t launch my course when/how I wanted. 
  • I didn’t hit my monetary goals. 
  • I do not have the house or the car I wanted. 

But every single feeling I described in that Google Doc that day is how I feel every day. If I had focused on the physical things instead of the feelings, my life would be completely different right now.  

. I would likely be greatly disappointed because none of those ‘things’ happened. Instead, I’m living a life of bliss. I am SO happy. I followed my feelings, and the Universe gave me exactly what the Universe knew I wanted, even if I had pictured different physical things as I wrote it all down.

It’s time for you to follow your feelings! 

Last night, I held a Wild Sister Blab on ‘Creating Your Ideal Day’ – it’s embedded below, and here’s a link to the audio because our cams were lagging a bit. Warning: We’re super chatty, and the Blab starts off with some Wild Sisterhood announcements, but the Ideal Day talk starts around 15 minutes in!

I also created a feelings-focused Ideal Day Worksheet for everyone! Enter your email below to snag it!Your Ideal DayWorksheet



Have fun manifesting your ideal day!

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