Who Is This Gal, Anyway?



Hello, beautiful souls!

I came to the realization, this weekend, that many of the Wild Sister audience who are not in the Wild Sisterhood may not have any idea who I am. Yes, you know my name is Shai and, yes, you may know that Jen passed on the Wild Sister torch to me, but….who am I? Why, on earth, should I be trusted with your beloved Wild Sister?!

I know I would be asking the same thing, so I’m here to give you an answer.

My name is Shai B., and I’m the ‘new’ CEO of Wild Sister + Wild Sister Magazine + the amazing Wild Sisterhood. I have two kids – a crazy preschooler, and an even crazier preteen who I’m pretty sure is going on 20. I’m happily married to a firefighter and, until I took on the CEO role here at Wild Sister, I’d spent the last decade running handmade artisan shops and both teaching/running social media and marketing, mostly to non-profits and NGO’s, including a campaign for an international lawsuit at the United Nations.

My resume? It’s pretty impressive.

My resume is really just a list of skills and jobs, though, and that has very little to do with me. 

I, darling heart, am a Wild Sister to the core. I first found Wild Sister when I met Jen in Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz + Live Academy, many moons ago. I was pretty broke, had a very broken soul, was suffering from extreme depression…and everything about Wild Sister screamed ‘home’ to me. So I joined, even though I really didn’t have the money.

Within months, my life completely changed. Inside of Wild Sister, I found the love and encouragement I needed to start putting the scattered pieces of my spirit back together. I applied for an opportunity to travel to California and learn peace leadership from one of my biggest heroes. I started my life of solo-travels, made my way out of an incredibly painful marriage, and started healing from the inside out. I learned to stop labeling myself by my litany of mistakes and multiple failed marriages, and start loving myself for who I am – a human, and a sister, faulted but beautiful inside and out.

Wild Sister saved my life. And within it, I discovered myself. 

As time went on, I became a bigger part of Wild Sister. I was one of the Wild Sister of the Year nominees. I contributed to both the magazine, the blog, and eventually the Wild + Precious book. I became really active in the sisterhood and Jen interviewed me here on the blog as Wild Sister of the month last January. Within a few months, I was editing the magazine and, a few months later, she asked me to co-CEO with her.

And, now I’m here – leading the sisterhood that saved me from myself not too many years ago. Wild Sister is ‘mine’. Recently, Jen told me that she feels like Wild Sister was really ‘mine’ all along and she was just saving space for me until it was time. I won’t lie – I may have cried a bit.

I know I have really big shoes to fill, but I also know with everything in my intuition and soul that this is the space for me. And, I can’t wait to continue to share it with you.

Love & light,


Shai B.

p.s. If you’d love to join the Wild Sisterhood, you can still grab the Year of Wildness $10/month deal! I extended it until the end of the month but, after that, it’s gone until next January! This is the cheapest the Sisterhood will be ALL year! Come check out the great perks!

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