It’s Not You, It’s Me: How to Raise Your Vibration, and Why

Raise Your Vibration

Last week, I hopped a plane and spend a few days with my friend, Christina, from The Hippy Homemaker. I’ll post more about the trip itself late but, today, I want to talk about the energy surrounding the trip.


A couple of weeks ago, I had a bit of an emotional crisis. It happens – we all have them. My first instinct was the same as always – to run, far far away from said emotional crisis. So, I booked a flight the very next day. My second instinct was to befriend the bottom of a bottle of vodka. Sometimes that also happens, though not so often with me. My coping skills were pretty non-existent and I am a-okay with admitting this because I know many of you have been/are there, too. Without going into details, running away from this particular problem actually made sense. I’m one of those people who needs to get out of a situation in order to see and feel clearly, and I’ve known that for many years.

So I hopped a plane, spent four days feeling amazing and seeing my situation very clearly, and then I hopped a plane back to my problems. I was literally sitting on the runway waiting to take off toward home when I started to get a scratchy throat and cough.

Two years ago I would have been all ‘Great, I picked up a cold while traveling’, etc. This time I immediately recognized that it was a change in energy and a loud cry from my throat chakra.


It wasn’t just a change in energy – it was a sudden awareness that when I ‘run’ from my problems I still take them with me. I see them more clearly when I’m out of state (and away from my family/hometown) because I stifle my voice and my truth in that situation. When I’m home, I lower my own vibration to meet the vibration of others whereas, when I hop a plane, I’m knowingly visiting people who have a high vibration and around whom I feel safe speaking my truth. And my throat chakra said ‘Hey…Goddess…you should recognize this pattern here!’.


It’s not them. It’s me. I keep causing this, over and over. 


Now, don’t get me wrong here – I hopped a plane because my heart was devastated with some news I had no control over or say in, which came out of left field. Nothing I could have done would have changed the situation, and I had every ‘right’ to react the way I did. I needed space. I needed time to breathe. I needed to cry and to curl up with my friend and watch sassy movies.

What I didn’t need was to expect my sudden surge in high vibration energy to follow me home, when I didn’t have high vibration energy there in the first place. I hopped on that plane and my body instantly went ‘Oh, we’re going home – back to the norm’ and went into it’s default ‘home’ state.

That’s a me problem.


The people around you shouldn’t affect your vibration. I know they do, because I experience it daily, but if you keep raising your vibration those people will either raise up to meet you or they won’t – it shouldn’t affect yours. And you’re never going to keep your vibration high unless you speak.your.truth. Stop hiding yourself. Stop being dishonest with yourself. Stop procrastinating, delaying, undermining, and holding yourself back.

That feeling I get when I spend four days with a soul-sister in another state? I can have that at home. And it’s up to ME, not the people around me. Your vibration is up to you, too. Speaking your truth? It’s up to you, as well.


Want to know how to raise your vibration? Here are some of my favorite ways!

  • Dance! Dancing moves the energy around your body, opens up your chakras, and raises your vibration
  • Say no. If something drains your energy, don’t do it. If someone is sucking your energy away, don’t feed them what precious energy you have.
  • Take an epsom salt bath.
  • Visit mother nature – creeks, the ocean, mountains…whatever you have nearby! Take off your shoes and ground yourself in the positive energy of the earth.
  • Do something nice for someone.


What ways do you like to raise your vibration?

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