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We’re all women around here, right? So, it won’t be too out of place for me to navigate over to the Wild Radiance/Health part of Wild Sister to touch on our moon cycle a bit. All women have it; All women deal with different symptoms; All women want to make those symptoms better.

My moon cycle has always been eerily regular. For over a decade, it was 36 days and I ovulated on day 23. I was incredibly blessed and lucky, and became pregnant with both of my kiddos right off of the bat. A lot of things have happened since my son’s birth in 2011 and, as a result, my cycle has changed something fierce. I didn’t know this, because I was on a birth control pill but, as soon as I went off so we could start trying to conceive #3, it became obvious that things just…weren’t the same.

Fast-forward 8 months, with zero real positive ovulation tests, I found myself sitting in a fertility clinic talking about hormone levels, my incredibly low progesterone, and my sudden lack of a cycle. My specialist put me on 2400 mg of progesterone scattered across 6 days and, guess what? It didn’t work. One deep chakra cleansing later (Thank you Isis, and your free waterfall chakra healing meditation!), my cycle finally started…on day sixty.

Now that my cycle is finally here, I feel like I’m simultaneously drained of all life and bleeding to death. I don’t want to stop it, though…cycles are natural and it makes sense that I would be more uncomfortable than normal because of how long my last cycle was. My body is going through a major healing reset – one that I have no doubt will end in what my husband swears will be a nameless baby because we can’t agree upon Bodhi or River.

So what can a girl do to help herself feel better without altering the cycle itself? Herbal tea and infusions, of course!

I have been drinking this herbal infusion for a few days now, and I already feel much better. I’m still bleeding to death, but I feel nourished, and like my body is cleansing itself in the way it currently needs. It’s super easy, has easy to obtain ingredients, and tastes delicious.

Here’s the recipe!

Nourishing Moon Cycle Herbal Tea

1 part Dandelion Leaf

1 part Nettle

1 part Red Raspberry leaf

1 part chamomile  (optional)

Brew as you would any other herbal tea – I steep the herbs for 5-10 minutes with an herbal tea strainer in 8 oz of hot water.  Add organic, local honey for sweetener.

If you want to slow down your cycle a bit, calendula is a great optional ingredient as well.


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