10 Manifesting Magnets to Help You Manifest with Ease + Free Wallpaper!

Manifesting is one of my favorite topics because, not to be a braggart or anything but….I’m really effin’ good at it. I mean…really, REALLY good at it. I wouldn’t call myself a Queen of manifesting or anything, but I pretty much get everything for which I ask the Universe.

Sometimes, that’s a really bad thing. Sometimes, that’s led to my biggest lessons of all. I trust the Universe so much that I just always know it will deliver, and it does…even when it’s things I don’t *actually* want or need Even when it’s things I subconsciously ask for. Even when I’m not specific enough and manifest an entire year of chaos entirely by accident. That’s an entirely different post, though.

The point is this: I’m good at manifesting, and in order to get to where you’re so good at manifesting that you accidentally manifest things left and right, you have to start manifesting in the first place. And that, my friend, is why I’m talking to you today.


Here are 10 of my favorite easy manifesting magnets:

    1. Wallpapers, Screen Savers, and Backdrops: Your computers, tablets, and phones all have backgrounds, lock screens, and/or screen savers, so why not put them to use? Change that cute picture of your kid and puppy to a manifesting mantra that you will see each of the 200 times you unlock your phone each day. Here’s a new laptop background I created just for you!


2. Crystals – Crystals are great for manifesting. If I’m trying to manifest money, I generally keep citrine on hand. Aventurine is also great for money, luck, and opportunities. Rose quartz is perfect for matters of the heart, and Iolite helps you open up your imagination and keep your mind open for manifesting.

3. Sage – Sage bundles are used to help clear the energy in your home or space. Before manifesting anything new into your life, make sure you use some sage (or sweet grass, or your preferred cleansing method) to make room for that which you are manifesting.

4. A reminder box or jar – Sometimes it’s easy to see all of the bad, or the things that aren’t happening that we want to happen, and focus on those. When that happens, it’s really hard to trust the Universe. And, if we don’t trust, we can’t manifest. So, keep a jar, box, shoe box…whatever, and fill it with all of the times things worked out as you wanted. Every time you manifest something, or something good happens, write it down! Refer to it when you’re wanting to manifest something and have trouble believing it can happen.

5. The Master List –  Keep a master list of 10, 15, or 20 high vibe statements that you really resonate with. They don’t even have to directly correlate with whatever you’re trying to manifest – they just have to feel really good to you, energetically. Things like ‘I love when I hear ‘cha-ching’ on my phone!’, or ‘I love having the freedom and finances to travel!’. Refer to this list anytime you need to boost your vibration.

6. Phone Alerts/Alarms – You can set it up through Zapier, Google Calendar, If This Then That (IFTTT) or a multitude of apps to have your phone go off with a variety of high vibe and manifesting reminders. I used to have an IFTTT recipe set up that texted me with ‘You’re a rockstar! #manifestingdiva#moneymaker’ every time I got a sale on Etsy. It was kind of awesome! You can set it up to go off when certain things happen, or just at certain times. Know you get kind of low vibe just before lunch? Set your alarm to pop up with a high-vibe message!

7. A Bowl of XYZ – One of my favorite manifesting magnets is clear vases or decorative bowls. Take a visual representation of whatever it is you want to manifest, and fill a glorious bowl or clear vase with it. For example, I have big bowls and vases of change all over the house. We don’t actually use them, just fill them. There is, literally, an abundance of money just sitting around the house, in change form. You can fill it with seashells if you want to manifest a beach trip, glitter and unicorns if you want to manifest positivity, or a desktop water feature if you want to manifest peace (if water features are soothing to you, that is),

8. Daydream – Daydreaming has been shamed for generations at this point but, in reality, it allows us to escape to a world where anything can happen. And, because the ‘real’ world IS a place where anything can happen, we can ‘daydream’ our dreams into existence! Next time you have a few minutes, stop and daydream about whatever it is you’re trying to manifest. Feel it, breathe it, exist with it, and then let it go while realizing you’ve brought it into existence.

9. Trust – This is probably the biggest manifestation magnet of all. You actually can’t manifest without it. If you don’t trust the Universe to provide, why would it? Trust. Trust the Universe to give you exactly what you need and want (or more!), and it will.

10. Yourself.  YOU are a money magnet! Manifesting is a reciprocal flow of energy between you and the Universe and in order for that flow to happen, you have to be both a giver and receiver of that flow.


There you have it! Ten Manifesting Magnets – stick around and I’ll go deeper into many of them over the next few weeks!


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