15 Ideas to Bring Wild Joy into Your Relationship This Summer!


We cover four main topics here at Wild Sister: Wild Sisterhood, Wild Radiance, Wild Joy, and Wild Abundance. Relationships definitely fall under Wild Joy!  We talk about self-love all the time here at Wild Sister, but something we rarely talk about is relationships. While we firmly believe that real, lasting happiness can only start within, our relationships won’t be happy and lasting unless we put some work into it.

Mister is treating me to firefighter’s marriage retreat this weekend in North Carolina for this exact reason. Relationships aren’t easy – especially when you have so much ‘muck’ interfering with them. We’ve made it a point to put our relationship on the forefront, right along with my personal self-love development. Both are important, to me – together and individually. One of the things he’s asked me to do is make a list of things we can do to connect.

So, to go along with the self-love summer, here are some great ways to bring some joy and connection into your relationships this summer!


  1. Take a trip to a local creek. Water is not only cleansing but also healing. Use this opportunity to sit and talk.
  2. Take a road trip – even just a ride through the mountains or local scenery .
  3. Play ‘Would You Rather…? – you can do this just about anywhere and it can be a hilarious experience!
  4. Go to a local car show and grab and ice cream cone while you’re there.
  5. Watch a sunset from a pretty view – the top of a building, a parking deck, a mountain, etc.
  6. Get up and watch the sun rise, and then go for a quiet cup of coffee before the coffee shops get busy.
  7. Sit on your porch or deck with some iced tea and talk about your plans for the year. Don’t have any? Make some!
  8. Take a hike – waterfall hikes are amazing this time of year, but any hike will do. Don’t forget to hold hands!
  9. Open all of the doors and windows, turn out the lights, and play board games by candle light.
  10. Curl up on a porch swing or park bench and read out loud to each other.
  11. Rent a kayak or canoe and go for a little adventure on the water – most major state parks with water sources rent them out fairly cheaply.
  12. Go on a picnic, lay in the grass (or on a quilt!) and find shapes, faces, and animals in the clouds.
  13. Go to the drive-in, if you’re lucky enough to have one around. We have several within driving distance of metro-Atlanta.
  14.  Jump back a couple of decades and grab a sprinkler and/or a slip-n-slide. Want to conserve water? You can use much less with water balloons or a water gun fight and have just as much fun!
  15. Take the time to stop and connect, no matter what you’re doing. Turn off your notifications and the television, and have real, meaningful conversations.


AND, if you’re really wanting some 1-1 time but are on a budget, you can always plan a stay-cation!

Getting out of town can be really hard at times…especially with a young family! Travel costs are always on the rise, and a car full of kids (and all of their stuff!) is exhausting to think about. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good vacation – but I’ve always felt like you don’t have to “get away from it all” to have awesome quality time together.

I recently came across this from our friends at The Dating Divas, and was super impressed! It was designed by Alexa Z Design, and it is perfection!

There is so much in this awesome pack! I love the idea of a quality “Staycation” – there is so much to do and see in our own hometown, and we never get a chance to go and do it. Not only does it save a ton of money, but I feel like we can have just as much fun staying local.

The Divas offer up a ton of tips to do it right, too, which is key! I feel like not enough people know how to do an awesome Staycation, and I think too many people would treat it like more work than it actually should be. More work = no fun! The Dating Divas really outlined in this pack how to make it just as much fun as an out-of-town holiday.

The Staycation Kit includes:

Staycation Invitation
Summer Vacation Bucket List
Family Activities Itinerary
Kids & Spouse Love Coupons
Summer Staycation Postcards
Romantic Vacation Playlist
Steamy Couples Games (for after the kids are in bed)
You gotta check out this pack! If you’re looking to save a bit of money this year, or can’t seem to figure out where to go, it’s a must-see.


And there you have it! I’m taking off this weekend to spend some 1-1 time with my partner before kicking off the Love Your Voice Journey on Monday!


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