5 Key Tips for Finding Biz + Life Balance

Balancing your personal life and your biz life isn’t easy. Many of us start our own businesses to enjoy more freedom, but struggle with the balance of our biz tasks and our personal needs and wants.

Finding your biz + life balance is the key to being a rockin’, successful biz owner!

When you achieve that balance, you not only get more work done and enjoy yourself more, but you have more of your self to give to your business in the first place. And that means more productivity, growth, and success!


Here are 5 Tips for helping find Biz + Life balance:

  1.  Schedule things out in your calendar and stick with it!  I personally use Google Calendar and have major tasks color coded. I schedule in my biz tasks as well as my personal stuff. The combination of having both and having them color coded means I can see whether or not it’s balanced at a glance!
  2. Outsource and streamline what you can! I do this is by using PostPlanner to schedule all of the posts on our social media and Facebook Groups. When I did this myself, I balanced it out by doing it once a week instead of daily. Now that we’ve grown and need even more balance, I’ve outsourced social media management and graphic design. That’s two less things for me to schedule every week!
  3. Learn and love batch processing! Batch processing is when you do your tasks in batches. This involves planning things farther ahead, but the productivity it achieves is well worth it! Plan your monthly blog posts, and then sit down and write them all in one or two days. Plan your social media marketing for a month ahead, and create all of those graphics in one day. We’ve been doing this and, not only are things getting done more quickly and efficiently, but they flow together much more easily as well. And, ease helps with balance!
  4. Practice Self-Love. Remember, Wild One, you are the heart of your business.  You have to balance your life and take care of yourself so that you can give the best of yourself to your work. It’s better to spend half a day on self-love and a few hours on excellent work than an entire day not fully giving yourself.
  5. Your business is not your life. This one was hard for me when I ran an Etsy shop. And, it’s hard for a lot of biz owners who really love their jobs. When you’re 80, you’re not going to wish you worked more. Take time for friends. Go see a movie. Spend a day reading at the park. Connect with other humans. This is the essential part of balancing your biz and life – having a life outside of your business!


In what ways do you try to balance your life and biz? Share your tips below!



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