5 Ways Leonie’s Shining Biz + Life Academy Changed My Life

It may seem counter-productive to promote someone else’s sisterhood-style group here on Wild Sister. After all, we really want you to be a part of the Wild Sisterhood, don’t we? Not only do you not have to choose between the two (we are very different, equally amazing programs!), but I simply can’t not shout from the rooftops about Leonie’s work.

You see, Wild Sister Magazine was created with Leonie Dawson. 

True story.

Wild Sister creator, Jen Saunders, went to one of Leonie’s retreats. While I know the magazine was in creation before she met Leonie, I also know that the magazine + sisterhood really blew up from that point. Jen was putting this gorgeous idea into place and then, with the inspiration and help of the academy, turned it into a growing, stunning sisterhood.

A sisterhood that I found, actually, when I was also in the academy. Several years later, here we are – Jen is living out her dreams as an author and I own and run Wild Sister. I have no doubt we both really learned to chase what we love and make sh!t happen when we were in the academy.

If it weren’t for Leonie’s academy, I never would have found and joined the Wild Sisterhood. I’m not even sure the Wild Sisterhood would still exist.

So, clearly, I’m a bit of a fan! Here are five reasons why:

  1. It is an intensely magical, positive place. – Where Wild Sisterhood has raw vulnerability and deep healing, Shining Biz + Life Academy has so much uber positivity you can’t help but catch it. I’ve never logged in and not left feeling better. It’s bright, happy, and full of unicorns and glitter.
  2. There’s a course for effin’ everything.  – I say that, but I don’t actually know if it’s true…because there are so many courses I’ve never actually had time to do them all. They don’t even have a complete course list up anywhere, because there’s so many and the list is always growing. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a biz, grow a biz, change your life, or simply learn to stop being a procrastinator, Leonie has you covered. 
  3. You get Leonie’s Life + Biz Workbooks for free with the membership.  – Those workbooks are paper gold! If you work through them as intended, you can grow your life and biz (together and separately) SO much. They help you get clear, stay focused, and turn your life + biz around!
  4. The connections there are out-of-this-world. I know many women who have joined just for the connections and networking. There are thousands of positive, spiritual, woo-woo women in the academy, and it’s pretty much impossible not to make some friends and business partners along the way! 
  5. It gave me back my power. I talk, all the time, about how Wild Sisterhood saved my life and helped me rediscover (or, really, find for the first time) who I am at the core. And, it’s true – I wouldn’t be here, in the most literal sense, without Wild Sisterhood. But it was in Shining Biz+Life Academy where I first rediscovered my power. It had all of the positive and happy I needed to turn myself and my life around – to give me that spark – before I started the process of deep healing and discovery.


Because I’m all about honesty, I’ll also share with you what I find to be the downsides to the academy. Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion!

  • It’s huge. When I first joined the academy, it was still called The Goddess Circle and was still small enough that you at least recognized most people’s names. It has been through several transformations and rebrandings since then and, while it still holds the same feel, it has grown by leaps and bounds. For me, it feels much too large to be a ‘circle’ anymore…which is probably why she rebranded to an Academy!
  • It’s really, really bright, happy, and woo woo. We’re talking a plethora of adorable hand-drawn unicorns, stars, and watercolor splashes. I don’t mind it, but it’s a little out of touch for me. It is the perfect space for those who want to envelope themselves in happiness but, for those of us who prefer something very real, very raw, and very honest, it can seem a little (or a lot) too woo.


If Shining Biz + Life Academy sounds like a place you’d love to grow, head on over ASAP because Leonie is closing the doors until 2017!




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