Honor Your Rhythm


Tides ebb and flow.

Sun rises and sets.

Moon waxes and wanes.

Seasons come and go, in effortless transition from spring to summer to fall to winter.

When we tune into these natural cycles and begin to understand the flow of energy inherent within them, we are in fact beginning a journey of self discovery and powerful co-creation. Understanding the energy around you and how it’s influencing you creates the opportunity for you to make clear conscious choices that are in alignment with what serves you best in all areas of your life and business.

Within natural cycles, I find the pull of the seasons to be the strongest and, at times the most at odds, with the demands of the world around me. The energy of each season a powerful influence over me that has no care for what society demands.

It doesn’t matter that in general we are expected to begin each new year with a surge of shiny new intentions, resolutions and plans for new beginnings. I find myself still in the quiet depths of winters introspective energy.

This is when I clean and clear my well. Making sure it’s ready for springs waters. It’s a time for soulful inner reflection, releasing and letting go. A time of non-doing.

I wonder if this is also a part of why so many struggle with new year resolutions? They are trying desperately to plant and grow seeds in soil that is still frozen in winters icy rest. They are fighting against the energy of the season all around them instead of surrendering and working with it.

The urge for new beginnings and initiating action doesn’t begin to awaken within me until spring stirs from it’s winters sleep. This is time for planning, creativity and action. It’s time to lay the foundations for what I want to grow and to set in motion the systems and structures that will carry it all forward.

Spring is when I set my intentions and goals based on the wisdom and understanding I’ve gathered from my winters stillness. I’m able to plant them in weed free soil as I’ve spent time clearing, healing and releasing over the winter. Clarity provides a fertile space for everything to grow.

Come summer, I feel out of sync with the world again. It feels like everyone around me is in constant motion as they pack in as much activity as they can over the warm summer months. Weekends are filled with adventures and excursions. Holidays are scheduled with as much activity as possible as if to get more bang for your buck.

I find myself quiet and craving stillness. Nostalgic for the lazy hazy days of summer. Summer for me is a time of watching my seeds grow, observing how they are doing and maybe making adjustments if needed. Mostly though, it’s a very reflective time.

While winter is introspective, I find summer reflection more outwardly focused. I observe the world around me. I watch to see if my spring seeds are doing well. Are things going as I thought they would? Have I provided what was needed? Am I on track with my goals and intentions? Is there anything that needs changed?

I also think of summer as a time to fill my well. I need stillness, time in nature and campfires. Winter is when I clean and clear my well, summer is when it gets topped up. It’s a gentle balance of action and stillness that remains until the cooler evenings and shorter days of fall arrive.

Fall finds me taking action. A flurry of creative energy hits me and I am compelled to create and do. New programs and fresh ideas all stir within me. The well has been refilled and is overflowing. I begin to nest, baking and cleaning my home. Gathering in my harvest and putting it to good use. I crave movement and challenges, people and connections.

This energy only lasts a short while, it’s intensity ensuring it is short lived. It’s not a time for hesitation and I put it to good use, implementing quickly. It then fades with every shortened day until the ground freezes, the snow comes and I once again settle into winters deep stillness.

Once I began to really pay attention to the cycles of the seasons I was able to see where I had been working against myself. I began to make changes that honored how I was being affected by the seasonal energies and noticed a big change in both my personal life and my business. I began to say no to commitments and opportunities that would demand lots from me during times of low energy and found that I had more creativity and passion available overall.

I now schedule my programs and plan my business around these energy cycles so I don’t feel resentful or burnt out when my energy is low and so that I can make the most of peak creative times and am able to honor what I need even when it’s out of sync with society around me.

So let’s say you’re curious. You want to get started tuning into this cycle and energy thing but man, a whole year to get through the seasons? That’s a long time to stay focused and make notes!

Say hello to the moon.

The moon is radiant with grace, beauty and power. Neither afraid to shine so bright that she lights up the night nor too proud to go dark and rest cloaked within the shadows.

This monthly flow of energy mirrors the energy of the seasons in a much faster cycle but in a very powerful way. It is with the cycles of the moon that I have truly come to discover and understand myself and been challenged to honor the natural ebb and flow of energy around me.

Her influence is at times intense – ask anyone in the healthcare system what working on a full moon is like. Her ability to penetrate into the darkest reaches of yourself is not to be denied. Yet, I find her comforting. A stable, steady presence with which to guide myself as I travel this path of self discovery and evolution, creating a life and business that nourishes me in mind, body and spirit.

If you’re craving more ease and grace in life and business and are ready to stop fighting against the natural flow of things, go outside and look into the night sky at the moon. Allow your eyes to close as you rest still for awhile, soaking in her gentle light.

You’re ready now, to begin this journey back to yourself, guided by the natural cycles and energy all around you.

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