Magical, Mystical Mojo – Delivered to Your Door!

Wild Sister received the Mystical Mojo box in order to review it. However, all opinions are our own and we do not promote products, businesses, or organizations not in line with our message. 

The team here at Wild Sister are emailed several times a day with requests for collaborations and, most often, product reviews. We’re not focused on that type of content but, when we ran across the Mystical Mojo Box, we actually approached them! We wanted to give it a try, because it seemed like something our readers would swoon over.

Holy smokes, were we right!

First, I want to say that I am using their stock photo for this post because the box was SO awesome…that the Mini-Wild Sister of the house made off with most of it. It was a magnificent collection of goodies that not only brightened my day, but was also loved by my magical, mystical goddess of a preteen.

What is this mystical box?

It is our mission at Mystical Mojo Box to provide our customers the tools and instruction to assist them on their personal spiritual journey. Our products are chosen intuitively & with purpose to best complement whatever spiritual practice(s) you choose to follow.

And that, loves, is exactly why I wanted to try them out. As a Christian and former pagan who runs a fairly spiritual-yet-diverse sisterhood, I just knew Mystical Mojo Box would appeal to so many of you.

Included in the September box were:

  • An agatized coral: I slipped this right into my wire wrap and wear it as a necklace. Agatized coral is an excellent support crystal, great for helping through emotional issues in dysfunctional relationships. It also helps connect with divine nature, and the infinite perfection in self. In short: this stone had perfect timing for me, this month.
  • A ‘Good Vibes Only’ decal – perfect for your car, laptop, window, or wherever you want to spread good vibes. Mine is going on the back of my van as soon as I remember to wash it
  • A Reiki Energy Charged Candle in ‘Peace’ from Crystal Journey Candles – This may be a new addiction for me. These essential oil based candles last much longer than I expected (I left mine burning for ages and it’s still super tall), and smell amazing. The ‘Peace’ candle is myrrh, ginger root, vanilla, carayway seed, and clove, and is used to create a tranquil environment and quieten the mind.
  • Lavender Vanilla Body Butter from BodyInuzion  – this one scared me a bit because a) I’ve never found a body butter that wasn’t too greasy and b) I generally dislike vanilla. I was thrilled to discover that this body butter is way more lavender, and the perfect texture!
  • Modern Alchemy custom necklace with rose quartz and clear quartz – I LOVE this necklace. Love, love, love it. So many crystal necklaces are big and bold (which I also love), but this necklace is a dainty little thing…which was promptly stolen by my preteen. This came with a coupon code off of her Store Envy store, too!

So many goodies, and I had no idea what to expect. With many subscription boxes, you know, in general, that you will be getting knitting supplies, or beauty supplies, etc. With the Mystical Mojo box, it really is a surprise! They announce the theme ahead of time – I am so sad I missed Chakra boxes! – but the rest is a surprise. These are a great treat for yourself, for a friend, or for anyone who is exploring their spirituality.

If you’d like to order the October Mystical Mojo Box, there is still time to hop in and order!



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