Medicinal Plants At Risk- 5 Ways to Help

We hear all the time about animals becoming endangered, and even rain forests and the Great Barrier Reef, but did you know that medicinal plants become endangered as well? We all know on the inside. But, it’s not something we really think about. 

Many of the Wild Sister audience are into natural healing and natural medicine. Even more are simply aware of and interested in being more eco-friendly. It’s the reason Wild Sister Magazine has never been in print form. What you may not be aware of is that the growing interest in natural medicine and herbalism has caused an over-harvesting of native medicinal plants.

There are currently 20 plants listed on the United Plant Saver’s ‘at risk’ list.

Among that list are some of my favorite plants, including trillium, echinacea, American ginseng, and both black and blue cohosh. On the ‘to watch’ list are popular favorites like arnica, kava kava, and white sage. I have most of those in my personal herb stash!

What can you do to help save these magical, helpful, medicinal plants?

Here are a few ways!

  1. If you use herbs, source them from a company or herbalist who uses organic, environmentally friendly, sustainably grown and cultivated herbs. This goes for all herbs, not just herbs on the at risk list! My personal favorite is Mountain Rose Herbs.  (Don’t forget, if you’re an Herbal Academy student you get a big discount!) If you buy already made herbal products, that’s okay, too! Make sure the company or herbalist making them also uses organic, sustainably grown and cultivated herbs. Where did your smudging sage originally come from? A small, dying stand or a thriving, growing stand?
  2. Grow your own garden! Again, make sure that the seeds you’re using come from a reliable, organic, sustainable source, but there’s no better way to help move these plants off of the ‘at risk’ list than to encourage and grow their species.
  3. Keep an eye on United Plant Savers for updated lists and conservation efforts – you can even join UpS, which helps keep their work funded!
  4. Support Wild Sister’s crowdfunding to adopt an at-risk plant through United Plant Savers! UpS allows for the ‘adoption’ of each of the 20 at-risk plants – business sponsor each plant for 5 years, which helps fund research, education, and conservation efforts. We’ve decided to adopt blue cohosh!
  5. Share! Share this post, share our crowdfunding page, and share United Plant Savers with everyone you can!

We as a collective humanity have done plenty of damage to Mother Nature already – let’s step up our environmentally friendly game with the relatively easy conservation efforts for our native medicinal plants!


p.s. Really though – come check out our crowdfunding to adopt blue cohosh! We have issues of Wild Sister Magazine, issues and subscriptions of Natural Living Herbal Magazine, Wild Sisterhood memberships, and even 1-1 Biz Chats for perks!


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