7 Essentials for a Wild Sister in 2017

With the new year creeping up on us, and so many Wild Sisters making big goals and declarations for their lives and businesses in 2017, I knew I had to make this list of essential things for 2017.

Every year since 2011, my life (and biz!) have grown exponentially. My ability to manifest increases. The opportunities presented to me become even more awe-inspiring. My family life becomes more solid, open, and vulnerable in the best of ways. And these are 10 things I use regularly to help make all of that happen.

  1. The AstroTwin’s 2017 Planetary Planner – This baby is so detailed and accurate that I have bought them the minute they were released for three years in a row. While you can get individual versions for your sign, you can get the whole collection as one book for the same price. I firmly believe that you are in control of your own destiny, but I’ve found this planetary guide essential to planning out my year and avoiding things like Mercury Retrograde – or for rocking those perfect planetary alignments!
  2. Our Free Wildness Unleashed Group! – Having a space where you can be raw and vulnerable while learning and growing in self-love and sisterhood at the same time is ultra-important. The thing I love about Wildness Unleashed is that, unlike a lot of Facebook groups out there, it’s not business/mom/job specific. It’s just a beautiful international group of high-vibe darling hearts.
  3. Epsom Salt – I know, this seems like a super simple one, but I keep huge stocks of epsom salt on hand. That particular link is for a wallet-friendly 20lb bag delivered right to your door! We go through that bag in a month in our house, no joke. Epsom Salts are great for healing and cleansing – physically and energetically – as well as loaded with magnesium, which many people are deficient in.
  4. A Chakra Cleansing Meditation – this one is my absolute favorite waterfall chakra meditation, but you can find loads of them on YouTube for free! I do this one often – and in an epsom bath for an extra cleansing boost!
  5. This Hair, Skin + Nails Goddess Tea Recipe from The Hippy Homemaker – Confession: I’m actually not big on nail or hair upkeep. I don’t get manicures, and I’ve had my hair professionally colored once ever. I do, however, like keeping my hair, skin and nails healthy. This recipes is great for that, along with growth, even for those on New Years detoxes!
  6. Me Time – Schedule yourself some essential you-time right into your calendar this year. It doesn’t matter if that ‘me-time’ is a cleansing bath, some time reading at the park, or morning runs, just make sure that you spend more time with you this year.
  7. A Way to Give Back – One of the things that brings me joy throughout the year as I reach my goals, and even when I’m struggling with my life+goals, is giving back to the world in some way. It is essential for me to be helping others – it’s just a part of who I am. I personally do that through our Kiva team, scholarships to the Wild Sisterhood, local charities, and More Love Letters. Pick something that makes your heart shine!

What essentials would you add to this list? 

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