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Tell us a little about yourself – who you are as a person

My name is Kirsty Blattner, I’m a healer, helper and hippie at heart! I’m a qualified Health Coach, Transformational Coach, Professional Speaker and author.

I grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand and moved to Australia when I was 13. I’ve lived and worked in many different countries around the world and thoroughly enjoyed my inner gypsy adventures. I’m now based in Wisconsin and live with my amazing husband, inspirational baby Zennia, Sky Dog, Sonny Kitty and Smooshie Cat.

Moving around a lot taught me many lessons in change, adaptation, patience and diversity. My passion is assisting people who feel stuck and overwhelmed to move to a place of motivation, excitement and clarity. My nature is playful and I love to present, teach & coach with an emphasis on fun and joy.

I’m passionate about the environment and spent many years working as an outdoor educator. Nature soothes my soul and provides me with peace and clarity. I love animals dearly and would be lost without our fur babies! Being creative lights up my soul and our house is filled with bright abstract creations! I’m an introverted entrepreneur,  on an odyssey to making my dreams turn into realities.



I love your view on food and diets – tell use more about it!

I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and fell in love with their philosophy of BIO-INDIVIDUALITY. This means that we are ALL unique and what works for one person will NOT necessarily work for another. Our bodies are like individual chemistry sets infused with emotions, life experiences, fears and joys.

It can take some experimentation to see what serves our bodies and souls best – health is SO much more than the food we put in our mouths. It breaks my heart when I see people on restricted fear based diets that rely on willpower and make people feel like failures. I feel their pain as I’ve been on these diets myself. 96% of diets fail (this is measured 6 months after the diet and measuring the persons weight) and the trillion dollar diet industry proves that their really is NO ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to diet, health and weight loss.

I want people to acknowledge that just because something has not worked in the past, it doesn’t mean there is no hope for their future. Learning is developmental, meaning that as we experience different things in life, our learning changes and adjusts. It’s the same with health – it can take one small change to have a massive impact.

Nutrition is in a Wild Wild West stage – we are just beginning to understand it’s depth and nature. It also changes constantly so what was good for us one day is bad for us the next! This can cause people to get overwhelmed, confused and frustrated – I know, I’ve been there! I would love people to embrace the ‘add in’ philosophy – this is a gentle approach that allows you to eat whatever you usually eat and just ‘add in’ more fruits/veggies and water. This may sound simple and it can have a massive impact.

“I want to give everyone who has struggled with food and diet a big hug and let them know that no matter where they are at – things can change, they can feel healthFULL, energized and amazing.”


You have a book for pre-sale – what’s it about?

My book Heal into Health is 100% Vegan and Gluten Free. It has 70 recipes that can be made Prep2Plate in 5-15 minutes.

I created a way to have all the deliciousness of home cooking – without the annoying bits: too much time, feeling drained, energy depletion from cooking foods that don’t serve you best and a huge mess from using every dish in your kitchen! Heal into Health uses one bowl or pot as much as possible and clearly explains the steps you take to have your meal look exactly like the photo!

I’m NOT advocating that YOU eat gluten fee/vegan 100% of the time, if this does not serve you well. If you know that meat energizes you and it’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle – then add it in to the recipes. This is a book based on the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style and flexible in it’s nature.

The recipes are called FLEXIPES meaning they are flexible recipes. They are a ‘guide on the side’ rather than a ‘sage on the stage!’ This means that YOU are the expert in what you like and how hungry you are. The FLEXIPES take this into consideration, so you feel satiated and divine while eating and afterward.

I made the book gluten free and vegan as so many people are either allergic or have sensitivities in this area. People find it difficult to access clear, easy to understand recipes that can be made in a flash! My goal is to bring the Fun, Freedom and Flexibility back to our Food.

Wild Sister 100% supports women in their shining endeavors – tell us why this pre-sale is so important for you and your work? 

Oh my goodness – it’s more important than I first thought! Going through the process of crowd funding to get a publisher is teaching me: how passionate I am about my book and getting it published, that I’m not yet skilled in marketing and promotion, how to feel into vulnerability and deepen my levels of universal trust.

It’s so important for me to get this published as I know my book can help people and giving the gift of health brings me so much pleasure. I’ve put years of energy, research and love into this book that I feel like I’ll explode if it stays unpublished – like I’m keeping a gift to myself and not sharing it with others!

It’s a way I can reach the masses, which is not possible through the 1-1 coaching sessions I provide. I have so many videos, free recipes, tools and techniques to share and this is one way of having them all in one place. I feel like it’s my mission in life to provide others with healthy alternatives in a yummy, kind and supportive way.


Where else can we find you? 


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