Women are the Waterbearers of the Universe

As skejinawe apid, an Indigenous woman, I have been taught that the women nurture life into being; we are the creators of life and the protectors of the life that we create. Women are magic. We are able to call forth life from the other side, and then cultivate that life in the quiet space below our hearts. Within our bodies we hold an opening to the divine. This is the portal that allows souls to enter into this world. Because we hold life in that magical space between worlds and cultivate it beneath our hearts, we are the keepers of divine intuition and heart-based wisdom. Thus, the teachings that we carry are essential for keeping our societies spiritually healthy and emotionally balanced.  

Every life that passes through our womb is nurtured and developed in water, so the women are also the water bearers of the universe. This is why women’s ceremonies are centered around the water, and the ebb and flow that is governed by Grandmother Moon.  These ceremonies are our way of acknowledging that water is central to life.

As women, we are indispensable to the perpetuation of life, the protection of life, and the balancing of life. When the women are absent, when they are silenced or ignored, life goes out of balance and the safety of all comes into question.    

Last week, women from all over the world rose up to address numerous social justice issues and human and civil rights violations. For many women, this was the first time they took to the streets to make a stand. Women marched on all seven continents, in more than 60 countries, to protect their rights and the rights of countless other disenfranchised and targeted populations. Though the women marched for a multitude of reasons, there is one reason that is central to them all – the protection of life.

All of the issues being represented by these women are important to the progression of our societies and the evolution of our consciousness. But, there is one issue that is critical to the preservation of life on this planet – the protection of our water. Every living thing is dependent on water to survive. If we hope to solve all of the other problems that we face, we have to be able to survive.

We have a finite amount of water on this planet and it is being destroyed at an accelerated rate. For the first time in human history we are taking water out of the water table, by injecting it beneath the bedrock through the process of hydro fracking.  In addition, we are continuing to promote dirty energy projects that contaminate our water from beginning to end – exploration, production, distribution, and the use of fossil fuels all lead to pollution of our water. As a result, the water that is required to support life is disappearing.

There are increasing numbers of countries around the world that are in immediate danger of running out of water. Saudi Arabia is growing crops in California and Arizona, because their water supply is estimated to run out in the next 15-20 years. A number of countries in the UK are growing crops in Africa, due to water shortages in their regions. California and several other states in this country have also been experiencing severe droughts.  The oil wars that we’ve seen in recent decades will pale in comparison to the water wars that will emerge if we don’t start taking dramatic measures to protect the clean water that we have, and clean the water that we’ve contaminated.

Within the last week, the threats to our water have increased exponentially. The renewal of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline has placed more than 20 million people at immediate risk of losing their drinking water.  And, if either pipeline were to leak, which is almost a certainty; the water supply for nearly half the U.S population would be compromised.  The greatest tangible threat to the continuation of life on this planet is the wanton destruction of our water.

There are many important reasons for the women of the world to unite, and the greatest among them is the protection of our water. If we hope to have the opportunity to solve all the other challenges that we face, then we need to come together and make a global stand for the protection of our water, for the protection of life.


Here are some things that you can do today, to protect our water:

There are 17 Banks financing these pipelines. You can find a list of these banks, their addresses, and individual contacts by following this link:

1. Contact the banks and let them know that you do not support your money being used to fund pipeline projects.

2. If you have money in these banks, move your money to a local credit union. Stop doing business with these banks and stop funding the destruction of our environment.

3. Spread the word to as many people as you can with this list, urging them to take action.


The Army Corps of Engineers is currently collecting comments on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Submit your comment and let them know that you expect them to proceed with the EIS as promised.

Submit your comments here:


or by sending them to:

Moira Kelley (DOA)


Written by: Sherri Mitchell, Indigenous Rights Attorney and citizen of the Penobscot Indian Nation. Partially excerpted from her upcoming book “Sacred Instructions; the Heart of Spirit Based Change.” Sherri writes and teaches on Spiritual Activism and Building Effective Nonviolent Movements worldwide. She also honors the sisterhood by mentoring women of all ages from seven different countries. You can follow her work at: www.facebook.com/sacredinstructions

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