Year of Wildness is BACK!


Wild Sisterhood has been open since 2011, and is an integral part of Wild Sister. Honestly, without it, I’m not sure Wild Sister would still exist. It’s been a life-changing experience and online place for many women, including myself.

There are currently 5 courses with 6+ more on the way for 2017 (including the new Wild Manifesting and Wild Crystal Healing courses – woot!), a huge Wild Sister library including fifty past issues of Wild Sister Magazine (not available anywhere but in the Sisterhood), monthly group chats, daily posts, and more. It’s a home – a safe, sacred space – that I have been blessed to hold for our current 800+ paid members.



Other things that have been said by Wild Sisterhood members:

‘Wild Sister is the one place I feel I can be 100% honest about the ups and downs of pursuing my biz. It’s an online meeting place for beautiful women to come together and embrace all that makes them unique. When you need encouragement, or long for a place to share your triumphs, Wild Sisterhood is there.’

‘I entered the Wild Sisterhood when I was in a place in my life that didn’t quite feel complete. I felt like I’d lost myself a bit and didn’t know who to turn to in my life. Once I joined the sisterhood I dove straight into the wonderful courses and read through the magazines and it felt like every day I was lifting a weight off my shoulders and finding who I was again. I still have days where I fall into these pits but now I feel like I have somewhere to go to talk to the gorgeous people in there.’

‘Wild Sister is an amazing community for women all over the world who crave sisterhood, support, and a place to finally feel FREE! Free to be their true selves, to express themselves uniquely, and to learn about spirituality, heart connection, self love and so so much more! It’s a family of choice and heart.’

‘I actually credit Wild Sister with a lot of my business momentum because of my friendship with badass CEO Shai. Also having supportive sisters who are rocking it in business and creative entrepreneurship is inspiring.’

Today, you can sign up for $149 or $13 a month for 12 months , and that is the lowest you will be able to join Wild Sisterhood ever again.

With the addition of six new courses this year the membership cost for Wild Sisterhood will be going up to $179 on February 1st. Super great deal all 50+ eMags, countless eBooks, a load of courses, and a motivating sisterhood! Later this year, we will divide the membership into the Wild Sisterhood (with all current courses + offerings) and add the Wild Sister’s Magical Biz Cavern with biz courses, biz guests, and mentorship. The Membership cost for both the Wild Sisterhood + Wild Sister’s Magical Biz Cavern together will be $279.

If you join now, at $149 or $13 for 12 months, you can get all of the above and keep your current price for as long as you maintain your membership!

I look forward to seeing your faces in the sisterhood for growth, self-love, happiness, and more this year!


Shai B.


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