What the Eff are Yoni Eggs? (aka: Vagina Rocks)

I am a fairly open-minded person. I’ll try just about anything at least once except weird pickled foods. But when a friend suggested a yoni egg to me just over a year ago, my response was ‘You want me to stick a rock in my vagina?

I mean…c’mon now. That seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? What could a crystal possibly do there that it can’t do from the outside?

Over the course of the year, my friend pointed out little things to me that I hadn’t previously thought of. ‘Oh, you use a menstrual cup? Those are just as easy to use as a yoni egg!’, ‘You used to use tampons? Those have toxins!…unlike a yoni egg.’

Sarcastic friend eventually won, and I found myself buying four yoni eggs from an awesome yoni egg shop.

Results? Life = changed.

So, what is a yoni egg, other than a rock that goes in your girl parts? They are, in short, egg-shaped crystals and stones used to tone the pelvic floor, strengthen orgasms, heighten pleasure, increase the sex drive, and (my favorite) emotional and spiritual healing.

You don’t need to ‘need’ tightening in order to greatly benefit from a yoni egg. For starters, the pelvic floor isn’t about how tight you are – it’s about all of the muscles, including the muscles related to incontinence and sexual pleasure.  Whether you have problems with that now or not, it’s something you want to work on before it happens. Physically, the yoni egg also stimulates blood flow into internal areas that are often lacking, and increases the libido and sensual awareness.

Outside of the specifically physical realm, yoni eggs are great for healing.  Many of us carry around emotional and spiritual baggage in our womb and sacral chakras – trauma from sexual abuse, pregnancy, and/or child birth, for example. We also harbor a lot of guilt, shame, feelings of inadequacy, and other deeply-rooted wounds in the same areas. Yoni eggs are made of crystals or stones, and have the same healing properties as those stones!

You are literally putting a specific healing energetic power source right into your feminine womb and sacral chakra area – you can’t get much more powerful than that! 

You are also inserting a powerful energy center right into your microcosmic orbit, which carries healing properties throughout your entire body.

Sounds pretty rad, right?

If this is something you’re interested in, you can head over to Gemstone Yoni Eggs to find many different types of yoni eggs! I personally own the rose quartz, unakite, agate, and ruby zoisite.

Have you tried yoni eggs? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


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