5 Easy Ways to Use Crystals

One of our Wild Sisters recently said “I need to learn more about my crystals… I have a bunch, but they just sit in a cabinet.”

Does that sound like you?

We’ve been talking a lot about crystals around Wild Sister, especially with the upcoming Wild Crystals course and the release of Love & Light School’s Crystal Healing Certification Program. It seems the more we talk about it, the more questions come up! While both of the courses will go further in depth, we thought we would start a series about crystals to give everyone a head start and some basic crystal tips.

So your crystals are collecting dust on a shelf, eh?

They’re pretty. They’re full of energy. They sit there and you wonder ‘….but what do I do with them?’ 


Here are 5 Easy Ways to Use Crystals in your everyday life, even as a beginner!

  1. Set them around your environment. Not just in a cabinet or on a shelf, but strategically placed where they can radiate their energy as needed throughout your day. My daughter slept with a rose quartz heart under her pillow for a long time. I currently have two under my pillow to help with anxiety and dreaming now. There are crystals, such as amazonite and tourmaline, that help keep the energy from your computers and technology at bay. Read about your crystals, and place them where they will do their work best!
  2. Carry them with you. Feel free to laugh at me, but I carry what my husband calls my ‘boob rocks’. It’s a pouch (often a muslin tea bag with drawstrings) with 4-5 crystals in it, which I then keep tucked in my bra. Why my bra? Because I’ and I wear leggings most of the time.  I pick 4-5 stones that resonate with me, sometimes by intuition and sometimes by need. Right now, I have several grounding stones, one for anxiety, and one for my throat chakra.
  3. Small Crystal Grids and beds! I could write a whole course on crystal grids, but even someone new to working with crystals can make a very simple crystal grid: just lay a crystal you feel the need to work with in the center, and add quartz points around it facing outward to radiate the crystal’s energy out and into the room! I do this a lot with rose quartz as well as manifesting stones. I also sometimes simply set a stone in the middle of a quartz bed, maybe on my desk or on my nightstand. This also helps radiate the energy outwards and into the surrounding area even more.
  4. Basic Chakra Cleansing/Balancing – You can use a single crystal or a set of seven crystals to balance your chakras. Sometimes, I only focus on the two I have the most trouble with (sacral and throat). Simply pick out stones that resonate with you in the colors of the corresponding chakras, lie down and place them on those chakras, and then meditate/picture those chakras being cleansed through the stones until you feel the cleansing is complete. You can also take a cleansing bath with Epsom salts, and surround yourself with crystals for the chakra n need of healing. If you want to learn more about chakras, we have some basics (and printables!) here for you.
  5. Meditate: Grab a crystal that calls to you and meditate with it! I use many different crystals for this, depending upon what I am meditating on. For example, if I’m doing a grounding meditation, I pick a grounding stone. A lot of people reach for a selenite wand while doing this. It’s a great way to get to know your crystals individually, and how they feel energetically to you.

If you’d like to learn more about crystals, you can join the Wild Sisterhood and chat with us as we prepare for our Wild Crystals course, or join Love & Light School for their Crystal Healing Certification program!


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