What is feminine freedom and why should you embody it (How can you help save the world?)

We are alive during a patriotic age. During an age where we take the last name of our fathers, and men try to rule the world with their logic alone.


We are also alive during the feminine revolution.


During a time where both women and men are no longer wiling to stand for the judgments, biases, and limitations that this patriarchal society has put on everyone.


In the western hemisphere especially, the feminine energy in every single area has been diminished, leaving our culture out of balance. Women’s rights are being threatened, to be emotional is a negative thing, and even in major religions, women have been defined as the lesser of two vessels.


The masculine energy controls our nations; things like logic, working hard, determination, strength, and breaking things down into categories continue to define our society.


We have become puppets, separate individuals, all doing our own thing, emotionally detached from the people around us, willing to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves.


And while all these aspects of energy are also necessary; we are missing flow, compassion, connection, unity, and the ability to use our emotions as guides to healing. Our feminine aspect has been tossed aside, almost abandoned, and treated as the lesser of two energies.


To stop this cycle begin embodying feminine freedom. Focus on rebalancing your own masculine and feminine qualities, and the easiest way to do so is to begin allowing yourself to feel all of your feelings.


Despite what society has taught us, our natural human tendency is to express compassion, to know each other’s pain, to help each other, and to feel things. Before we are contaminated with imbalanced philosophies, we honor the strength of our mothers and fathers equally.


It is only once we are trained out of our feminine nature that we stop exuding our soft yet beautiful qualities so naturally.


When we disconnect ourselves from our emotions, we disconnect from the mother, from our natural ability to nurture and care for creation.


In feeling your emotions and being 100% who you are, you begin to rebalance the energies of our society, starting inside of yourself.


The point: feel your feelings no matter how they show up. If it is a positive feeling, feel it. If it is a negative feeling, feel it. If the feeling wants to stay around for 2 minutes, let it. If it wants to stay around for 2 months or 2 years, let it.


Too many people are walking around with suppressed emotions that they haven’t actually dealt with, and on a world scale those suppressed emotions are manifesting in the external world as presidential outbursts and uncompassionate political responses.


Practice and embody feminine freedom. That is how you take part in the feminist revolution. That is how you help change the world individually, by being radical enough to find your own inner balance.
I’d love to hear from you? What will be your contribution to the revolution?


Ayanna Nefertaari is a lifestyle coach helping women find holistic freedom through 1-on-1 coaching and online programs. As the creator of #thegoddessconversations, Find Your Balance, and The Breakthrough Method, Ayanna helps clients manifest their desired lifestyle with ease. Find her on Instagram @ayanna.nefertaari or at her website ayannanefertaari.com



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