Love & Light Crystal Healing Online Program: A Review

Crystal Healing Course

For several years now, I have used crystals in all aspects of my personal healing. I knew, though, that there were aspects of working with crystals that I wasn’t even clued into yet. After absorbing every free article I could get my hands on, I was still left wanting more.

Then, I found Love & Light Healing School.

I am currently 25% through with my Crystal Healing Certification, and I already know way more about crystal healing than I did when I started. The amount of information, videos, worksheets, and resources in this program are phenomenal.

Check out the classes included as a part of this program:

Classes Included in this Program:

– Basic Crystal Healing (4 Hours)
– Sensing Subtle Energy with Stones & Crystals (2 Hours)
– Advanced Crystal Healing (3 Hours)
– Energetic Protection with Crystals & Stones (2 hours)
– Basic Crystal Healing Layouts (2 Hours)
– Advanced Crystal Healing Layouts (2 Hours)
– Chakra Healing with Crystals & Stones (2 Hours)
– Working with Crystal Grids (2 Hours)
– Emotional Healing with Crystals & Stones (2 Hours)
– Using Crystals for Fertility Treatment (2 Hours)
– Creating a Crystal Healing Mandala (3 Hours)

Crystals for fertility treatment? Energetic protection with crystals? Yes, please! I love how in-depth the courses go, and they include examples and grids along the way! This isn’t just a generalized program – it gives you specific details on how to use crystals to heal, protect, balance and grow.

Here is an example of the curriculum in just ONE of those courses – the Basic Crystal Healing Class:

– A 40-page class manual in PDF format
– A 124-page class slideshow in PDF format
– A 6-page class FAQ handout in PDF format
– A 4-hour class video (available for online streaming or to download in .mp4 format)
– A 4-hour class audio file in .mp3 format
– A bonus resource “Suggested Reading List”
– A bonus resource “Piezoelectricity/Triboluminescence in Quartz” video
– A 19-page “Healer’s Homework Notebook Pages” worksheet in PDF format
– A frame-worthy Certificate (approved for 4 CE hours with the NCBTMB) in PDF format
– Our “Crystal Healing Basics” audio file (from our Crystal Healing Workshop CD) in .mp3 format
– Our “Clearing Crystals” audio file (from our Crystal Healing Workshop CD) in .mp3 format
– Our “Awakening, Dedicating, & Programming Crystals” audio file (from our Crystal Healing Workshop CD) in .mp3 format

The Crystal Healing Certification Program is eligible for 26 Continuing Education Hours approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). It is also accredited by the World Metaphysical Association. When you’re done with it, you’ll have an actual certification and can use CCH after your name. How cool is that?!

Since starting this course, I have experience personal physical healing I cannot even describe.

I have had blocks and physical issues just disappear after months (or even years) of trying to heal them. The energy in my home has completely changed. I’ve fallen in love with creating crystal grids for all occasions. I have even used crystals to help others heal.

As someone who is also on the way to becoming a certified herbalist, I love the Crystal Healing Program because it is yet another way I can help people heal and grow naturally. It is also another tool I can have in my natural healing arsenal for my own family. Nightmares, body aches, stress, high blood pressure, anger, fertility issues….I’ve helped heal them all with the help of crystals since starting this course.


If you’re interested in learning more about Ashley Leavy, the Love & Light Healing School, and crystals but aren’t ready to dive into something as intensive as the crystal healing program, she has a free, 3-part crystal healing series just for you!


3 Part Video Series

Tell us, what is your favorite part of using crystals?

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