5 Ways to Get Through This Crazy Cancer-Moon-Cycle Energy

Can you feel it, loves? The crazy, swirly, unsettled, unfocused energy that seems to be abundant right now?

The good news? It’s not just you. The new moon cycle in Cancer has everyone experiencing all sorts of emotions all over the place right now. I’ve talked to so many sisters who are experiencing the same restless, stir-crazy feelings right now.

The better news? There are things you can do to make it better!

Here are 5 ways to get through this moon cycle with a bit more ease:

  1. Grounding Meditations.  This has become my go-to answer for just about anything over the last year, but it always helps. Grab some grounding stones, such as black tourmaline, smokey quartz, or moss agate, and do a grounding meditation. If you have a hard time meditating, there are some amazing guided meditations on YouTube for free (here’s one of my favorites!). Take some time to stop. Breathe. Ground. Do it in the dirt/grass if you can for some extra grounding power.
  2. Surround yourself with grounding and clarifying crystal energy. You can set up a crystal grid under your bed or in the center of your home. You can carry crystals with you. You can even use technology/EMF blocking crystals such as amazonite or flourite to help calm down the energy around you. I know for me, the electronics going non-stop in my house this summer is a huge contributor to the crazy energy that’s already in the air. Wearing flourite helps protect me from that.
  3. Drink more herbal tea and herbal infusions. Herbal tea is generally brewed right before you drink it. Herbal infusions are generally brewed overnight (or for at least 4+ hours) in quart sizes or larger and are consumed throughout the day. An herbal infusion I am partial to is nettle + oatstraw + hibiscus. I brew it, let it infuse in the fridge overnight, then strain and drink throughout the day.
  4. Take a calming energy bath.  Even a simple lavender bath will help calm your energy right now. Add in chamomile and frankincense and you’re going to be soaking in soothing (albeit likely sleep-inducing) heaven. When my son is having a particularly spastic day, I add lepidolite to his bath. It works so well he often asks for it!
  5. Use the energy to clear out! It can be hard to focus and feel productive in this type of energy. For those, like me, who feel even more spastic and scattered if you’re not being productive, focus your energy on clearing things out. Clear out your computer files. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit or you never wear. Destash your jewelry/tarot cards/crystals that no longer and pass on that energy to folks who could use it. As a bonus, clearing things out makes room for new and will get those manifesty vibes flowing!

I hope these tips help you get through this moon cycle – goodness knows I’m using many of them myself! And remember, these work all the time, not just when we’re in a strong Cancer cycle.

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