Top 5 Places to Buy Crystals

We talk a lot about crystals around here and are always met with one question every time: Where can I buy crystals?

People who are new to crystals often simply don’t know where to turn. Even to those of us who are certified crystal healers, the options can be overwhelming! Whether you need a handful of the same crystals to create a grid or are looking for one centerpiece stone, having a reliable place to go is key to growing your personal crystal healing practice.

I personally have somewhere between 100-200 crystals in my collection (I’ve totally lost count!). I have collected them from all corners of both the innerwebs as well as the country. Buying crystals when I travel is always #1 on my to-do list. I also try to collect a new piece online or locally at least once a month.

Are you ready to add to your collection?

Here are our current Top 5 Places to Buy Crystals:


Keep Your Eyes Peeled Locally. 

The #1 place to buy crystals is somewhere where you can hold them in your hand. Many smaller towns are lacking in crystal shops, but do a Google search and you may be surprised. I was recently! I randomly decided to type ‘metaphysical shops near me’. Surprise! A new one had popped up a literal three streets away. My closest before was 30 minutes!

Even if you have to make a bit of a drive, it’s worth it to buy crystals in person and feel what energies resonate with you. When I was in Texas, The Hippy Homemaker and I took an Uber to a crystal shop in Dallas. While there, I felt a ruby fuschite pulling at me with everything it could muster. I had never even seen a ruby fuschite. I bought it, and had to look up the properties when I got home – turned out to be a perfect fit!

Also, keep an eye out at home goods stores, as well. I am in numerous crystal healer groups, and sisters are constantly posting odd finds at places like Garden Ridge and Ross. They don’t have shelves of them, but they sometimes have one or two beauties tucked away in a corner somewhere. They don’t even realize what they’re carrying!

Sage Goddess

If you want to buy crystals from a shop that will make your eyes glisten and  heart flutter while you yell ‘Take my money!’, this is the shop for you.

Okay, so the money thing was mostly a joke. While Sage Goddess is one of the pricier of the well-known places to buy crystals, it is for a reason: the owner hand-picks each of her crystals, from the source, and carries only the best. A lot of the crystals in Sage Goddess are also rare or unusual finds – not something you’ll see in a standard metaphysical shop.

Yes, you can absolutely hop onto Sage Goddess and get some great stones for under $10. You can even buy super common crystals like amethyst or natural (hello, not heat treated!) citrine for just a few bucks. You can also 100% trust her with that $55 rare centerpiece stone you’ve been drooling over. I can think of no other shop online where I wouldn’t blink an eye at the asking price for a crystal. I know she knows her stuff, and offers the best of the best.

Mimosa Books & Gifts –

This shop is owned and ran by Ashley Leavy, the lovely heart behind Love & Light Healing School, where I became a certified crystal healer. As a crystal healer and teacher herself, Ashley knows stones. She also knows that new crystal learners need to be able to buy crystals at affordable prices. You can buy just about anything in this shop, and can even get stones for crystal grids (which generally take several of each kind of stone) in higher numbers without breaking the bank. I haven’t bought a ton from Ashley but, over the past few months, her shop is the first place I pull up when I’m looking for something.


This shop is relatively new to Etsy, having just opened last year. However, their customer service is great and their ratings are through the roof, even for a ‘new’ shop. They have super affordable prices, and even carry stones you don’t find often (at really good prices!). Along with crystals, you’ll also find spiritual and crystal-based home decor and jewelry.


When I first started to buy crystals, ilovelotus on Etsy was my one-stop shop for growing my collecting and picking up new crystals to explore with. They have a vast collection, and often ridiculously low prices. When I was a single mom and really wanted an amethyst point necklace but didn’t have a whole lotta funds, I picked up a wrapped amethyst there for $3.33 and stuck it on a chain – it worked perfectly.

This is a great place to get some of the more common crystals in larger quantities, which is perfect for crystal grids. Need six citrine points for a grid? They’re $4.44 for a set of six in this shop. No joke. They also have an adorable collection of animals – I have an opalite turtle from ilovelotus that remains one of my favorite stones.


No matter where you buy your crystals, remember to look for stones that energetically vibe with you as often as possible! Some of my favorite stones are stones I wasn’t looking for or had never even heard of, that gave me a little extra tug when I was shopping. Some of them are small, or aren’t as pretty as the ones that were around them but, for some reason, that particular crystal and I were just a match.

If you need more guidance in your crystal journey, check out our posts on 6 Ways to Always Pick the Right Crystal, and 5 Easy Ways to Use Crystals

Happy crystal shopping!


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