Beginning the Wild Herbalist Journey: Lavender Tips

Learning Herbalism Lavender

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It’s hard to say when my journey into herbalism really began – somewhere in childhood, for sure. However, I distinctly remember when I started using plant allies for my own family.

My daughter has high functioning autism with an almost non-existent melatonin production. In short, she was always extremely sensitive, and her body and mind never really had a chance to rest. When she was about 18 months old, right about the same time she was diagnosed, I started adding dried lavender to her baths to help sooth her. By gosh, if she wasn’t going to sleep, she could at least chill for a bit, no? And, it worked! It worked so well that, when she started having nightmares years later, I created a ‘Monster Spray’ (i.e. lavender and confetti in a spray bottle) to spray down her pillow and bed so she’d sleep….er….so the monsters would stay away, I mean.

Growing in Herbalism

Many years later, I’m now in the advanced herbalist program at Herbal Academy, working on my American Herbalists Guild registration hours, and know way more about herbs than I even thought possible. I work daily to include plant allies not only in my health regimen, but as a regular part of my life in all ways.

How did I get here? One step at a time. And I will keep taking those steps and learning more each day.

For now, I want to pass on some of those beginning steps to you, with 10 Easy Ways to Use Lavender – all tried and true ways I’ve learned over the years since those first baths.

10 Easy Ways to Use Lavender

  1. Mix lavender + peppermint essential oils in a carrier oil and dab it on your temples to help with a headache
  2. Add lavender to an epsom salt bath to soothe both tired muscles and an over-worked mind.
  3. Add a few drops to a spray bottle to spray your pillow before bed for a restful sleep.
  4. Lavender + chamomile tea is a great, gentle way to soothe anxiety and/or nerves.
  5. Add a muslin bag of lavender blooms to your drawers and storage boxes so your clothes smell fresh and airy
  6. You can add organic lavender buds to your baking! Pinterest has recipes for cookies, scones, donuts, and more! Definitely something new and delicious to try.
  7. Lavender essential oil works amazingly on bug bites, especially for the little wild ones.
  8. Add lavender + sugar + coconut oil together in a jar for an incredible sugar scrub – I also love adding chamomile or rosemary to mine.
  9. Three words: Homemade Lavender Jelly. ::drool::
  10. Mix lavender essential oil or crushed lavender buds with baking soda and sprinkle it on your carpet before vacuuming.

I could probably write a small book on the uses of lavender, but those are great ways to start!

If you’re interested in learning more about herbalism, check out the courses at Herbal Academy! Even their Materia Medica short course, which is less than $50, has been a wealth of knowledge in my herbal growth!




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