Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management – A New Course + Free Wild Sisterhood Membership!

Each and every one of us deals with stress from time to time – some more than others. In the Wild Sisterhood and Wild Sister Magazine, we talk a lot about self-love and self-care which, of course, includes managing and handling stress. It’s hard, loves, to manage businesses, reach our dreams, raise our families, and rock the hell out of life when we’re stressed out, isn’t it?

We love meditation, sisterhood, even counseling and coaching to help manage this little journey we call life, but did you know that those gorgeous green plant allies Mother Nature grows can help us with our stress, too? And, Herbal Academy has a new course telling us how!

This course doesn’t just dole out recipes, it goes deep into what stress is, how our bodies work, how to support our emotional and physical bodies, and then how to integrate our plant allies into our lives for stress support. Badass, no? Here’s what the Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management course covers:


  • What is the holistic approach?
  • What does it mean to be “well”?
  • What is the stress response?
  • What is allostatic load, and how does it affect homeostasis?
  • What causes us stress? Deadlines and finances, but what else?
  • How does stress affect us physically? How does it impact us emotionally?
  • Is “adrenal fatigue” real?
  • What are some traditional healing perspectives on the effects of stress?


  • What is our “second brain?” Where is it located?
  • How are stress and digestion related?
  • How does the gut microbiome affect digestive and emotional health?
  • Which probiotic supplements have been shown to have the most impact on supporting the gut-brain connection?
  • Which foods can help with my stress response, digestion, and blood sugar management?
  • Which vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients are important, and how much?
  • What are some eating tips to support good digestion?
  • Which types of exercise can be helpful for managing stress?
  • What is abhyanga oil massage? You’ll learn how to do it!
  • The value of breathwork and meditation—enjoy a guided breathing exercise and guided savasana.
  • Connection with nature, people, and your creative side provides deep nourishment.
  • There’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep! Cultivating healthy sleep habits.
  • How can essential oils help with stress management, and which ones?
  • Create an aromatherapy blend with the help of a guided tutorial.
  • Learn to administer essential oils safely.


  • What are herbal actions and energetics?
  • How do herbs work, anyway?
  • Herbal contraindications, interactions, safety, and dosage.
  • When is it time to see a clinical herbalist?
  • The important differences between whole herbs and herbal supplements.
  • What are nervine herbs, and which ones are good for stress?
  • How can adaptogenic herbs help?
  • When to enlist sedative herbs and which ones can be helpful.
  • Learn more about each herb via detailed plant monographs.
  • How to make basic herbal preparations such as infusions, decoctions, and tinctures!
  • Getting to know herbs one and a time—learn how with a guided tea tasting.
  • How to make a tea blend with a helpful video tutorial!


That’s a whole lot of info! Shai B – the CEO of Wild Sister – will be taking this course live during the first round! Hop into this course before October 31st, forward your receipt to support@wildsister.com, and we’ll send you a bonus Wild Sisterhood membership!


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