Gift Guide for Every Wild Sister – Perfect Gifts for your Favorite Spirited Woman

Shopping for a Wild Sister isn’t always easy – we’re spirited, often unconventional, and we generally have states that other’s don’t quite understand. Well, never fear, we are here with a Gift Guide for Every Wild Sister! These gifts are not only perfect for Wild Sisters, but most of them are even created by Wild Sisters as well!

Happy gifting!

A Course in Herbal Healing

Spirited sisters often have a love or connection with the earth and/or plants – a course to learn more about using the earth to grow and heal would be perfect! Our CEO, Shai B. has taken ALL of Herbal Academy’s courses except the Entrepreneurship Course and highly recommends them.

An Herbal Starter Kit

Whether she’s a budding herbalist, has years of experience, or just wants to play with herbs, this herb starter kit from Herbal Academy is an amazeballs deal. The Herbal Starter Kit includes 22 enticing herbal recipes, 14 plant mini-monographs, and up to 18 herbs (and beeswax!) you need to prepare these recipes in your home kitchen.

A Relaxing, Yoga-Easing Swing

This yoga swing is a favorite among the Wild Sister team – and many of our kids! Thing can hang from any tree or open beam, or you can buy the door frame bar to go with it and install it on any door frame where it is easily removable between uses. The back relief from inversions (i.e. hanging upside down) alone are worth grabbing this swing!

Yoga Anywhere, Every Day!

Getting to a yoga class isn’t always easy and, if you live in a rural area, might not even be possible at all. Yoga Downloads makes it possible to do yoga anywhere you can connect to the innerwebs through streaming AND lets you save data by downloading their videos. Memberships are available by the month, 3 months, 6 months and a year and are super affordable – especially compared to the cost of yoga classes!

Deep Healing Yoni Egg (or Gift Certificate!)

Unleash your inner goddess with yoni eggs!  Yoni eggs are designed specifically for women to super charge their kegel exercises and are sure to tighten the vaginal muscles, help incontinence conditions, increase lubrication and stimulate better orgasms! The vibrant energy within each crystal awakens your feminine power.  If you know someone who would or could use a yoni egg but don’t want to pick one out for them, Gemstone Yoni Eggs offers gift certificate

Endless Insight and Intuition Building with a New Oracle Deck

Our current favorite oracle deck is the Untamed Truth by Rachael Caringella. She started painting this deck at the beginning of the year and we may or may not have stalked her every card reveal, and placed an order within 10 minutes of the release. This deck is SO beautiful and easy to use! You can also check out her Spirit de la Lune deck, which is based on the moon phases and astrology.

Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen: Delicious, Nourishing Food for Lifelong Health and Well-Being

Do you know a Wild Sister who loves to cook? Or wants to learn more about cooking? This recipe book from herbalist Brittany Wood Nickerson was released earlier this year and is a fan favorite! Not only does it have recipes and gorgeous photos, but it tells you all about the herbs you are using and gives healthy tips as well! Our CEO, Shai B., is using this cookbook for her daughter’s cooking portion of homeschooling this year!

Retreat Recipes for Yoga Lovers by Debra Mazer

Another of my favorite cookbooks this year, Retreat Recipes for Yoga Lovers, Debra shares with us 100+ recipes that are perfect for yoga lovers – or anyone, really! This is an international cookbook, with healthy vegan, vegetarian, and raw recipes from around the world. SO many ideas in this amazing collection!

Holistic Planning, Chakras, and Moon Cycle Workbook Bundle

Anne Hayman runs The Moon Sisterhood, and is one of our favorite resources for all things woo. Her moon cycle reports each month are eerily accurate! Right now, she’s offering her Holistic Planner, The Moon Cycle Workbook, and Chakra 101 Workbook all together as one discounted bundle! We’ve been using her Holistic Planner for several years now and highly suggest it, especially for those Wild Sisters who want to be more grounded and intuitive throughout their year.

Sparkly, Energy-Filled Wear

If your favorite Wild Sister prefers things like jewelry and mystical pretties, The Pixie Jeweler has incredible handmade necklaces with crystals! We’ve been drooling over her jewelry on Facebook for a few months now – I think we want them all!


What incredible products and offers will you be gifting to your Wild Sisters this year? 



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