Get unstuck, find clarity + kick start your dreams in 21 days.

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The 21 Days of Abundance eCourse uses practical tools + simple exercises to help you invite more of what you want into your life.

"Jen, I have to say that I’m already feeling a change in my attitude just by saying 'yes' to the 21DOA course – and I love the homework you’ve given us. The journals are a great idea and I love the sayings.

So thank you, Jen, for bringing me your gift of gratefulness and abundance right when I needed it. If a couple of days in your sisterhood can bring this type of change, I can’t wait to see what 3 weeks will do!"

Kelly, Wild Sisterhood Member

Is this you?

- You feel stuck. Stagnant. Unable to move forward, even though you desperately want to.

- You're creatively, emotionally or spiritually blocked. Uninspired. Surrounded by blank canvases, unfinished blog posts + unchecked to-do lists.

- Fear has left you feeling paralyzed, confused, lost + anxious.

- You’re ready to let go of the old + welcome in the new.

- Or, you've already done tons of inner + outer work to create an abundant life, but need that extra push to maintain it + take it to the next level.

Find the guidance, clarity + inspiration you're looking for, + start designing your life.

Peek inside:

Course outline:

With these preparation bonuses, you’ll learn why expressing gratitude is the most important step to attracting abundance. Includes:

– 10 Ways to Attract Abundance

– 21 Day Wild Sister Gratitude Journal

During Week One, you’ll be given the tools you need to cleanse your mind, spirit home – because you can’t welcome in Abundance if you’re holding on to past hurts and clutter! Includes:

– How to clear your physical, emotional, spiritual creative blocks

– The Wild Sister Guide to Creating an Abundance Altar

Clarity is essential to attracting abundance – how can you invite what you want into your life if you don’t know what it is? During Week Two, you’ll be guided towards clarity with these shift creating tools:

– Centering Meditation to guide you towards a clearer mind, heart spirit

– Creating Wild Clarity Worksheet: a self exploration kit to help you gain crystal clear clarity about yourself create the shifts necessary to prepare for action in Week Three.

This is where the fun really begins! Using the tools guidance you received in Weeks One Two, the shifts you experienced by keeping a Gratitude Journal, you are now ready to take action.

This final week is super important, because all the affirmations meditations in the world still need to be paired with action to make your dreams a reality. This week includes:

– The One Word That Is Guaranteed To Change Your Life

– How To Create A Killer Action Plan

– Attracting Abundance Affirmation Kit

– Tons of inspiring articles videos in the Wild Sisterhood Library, offering expert advice on attracting Abundance

– Your own 21 Days of Abundance discussion in the Wild Sisterhood to connect with, learn with gain support


  • 4 eBooks

  • 3 Videos

  • 1 Meditation

  • Bonus Downloads

Please know: this is the only live round of 21DOA this year. It won't be back until 2018.

“Just started the 21 Days of Abundance and the course is so super fantastic!”

Rosalina, Wild Sisterhood Member

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